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job design

- activities which influence the relationship between people, the technology they use and the work methods employed by the operation
- structure the environment


elements of job design (6)

1. environmental conditions
2. available technology and how it will be used
3. who does what
4. best method of performing each job
5. how long will each task take/how many people needed
6. how to maintain commitment


division of labour advantages

1. promotes faster learning
2. makes automation easier
3. ensures that non-productive work is reduced


division of labour disadvantages

1. leads to monotony
2. can result in physical injury
3. not particularly robust
4. can reduce flexibility


method study

deterring the methods and activities which should be included in jobs
1. select
2. record
3. examine
4. develop
5. install
6. maintain


work measurement

measuring the time that should be taken for performing jobs


standard performance

the rate of output



the human body and how it fits into its surroundings