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Reasons for failure (6)

1. design
2. facility
3. people
4. supplier
5. customer
6. environmental


ways of measuring failure (3)

1. failure rates (how often failure occurs)
2. reliability (the chance of failure)
3. availability (amount of available useful operating time)


bath-tub curve

a curve that describes the failure probability of a product, service, or process that indicates relatively high probabilities of failure at the beginning and at the end of the life cycle


bath tub stages (3)

1. infant mortality: early failure occur caused by defective parts or improper use
2. normal life: failure rate is low, caused by normal random factors
3. wear-out: failure rate increases as the part approaches the end of its working life and failure is caused by the ageing and deterioration of parts


failure detection (3)

1. in-process checks: employees check that the service is acceptable during the process itself
2. machine diagnostic checks: a machine is tested by putting it through a prescribed sequence of actives designed to expose any failures or potential failures
3. point-of-departure interviews: at the end of service, staff may check that the service has been satisfactory or to solicit opinions about products or services


failure analysis (3)

1. accident investigation
2. failure mode and effect analysis (step by step approach to identifying all possible failures in a design)
3. fault-tree analysis (works backwards to identify all possible causes and origin)



building in devices that make it difficult to make the mistakes that could lead to failure


maintenance (3)

1. run to breakdown
2. preventive
3. condition based (perform maintenance only when required)


reliability-centred maintenance

an approach to maintenance management that uses different types of maintenance for different parts of a process depending on their pattern of failure