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Enterprise Resource Planning
- business management software that a company can use to store and manage data from every stage of business


ERP benefits

- because software communicates across all functions, there is absolute visibility of what is happening in all parts of the business
- provides integration of the supply chain, production, and administration
more sophisticated communication with customers, often giving more accurate and timely information


ERP disadvantages

- very expensive to purchase and even more to customise
- implementation may require major changes in the company and its processes
- very complex; difficult for many companies to adjust to it



Material Requirements Planning
- calculates material requirements and production (calculations based on firm and forecast orders)


MRP 3 objectives

1. ensure materials are available for production and products are available for delivery to customers
2. maintain low material levels in store
3. plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities



master production schedule
- statement of the volume and timing of the end products to be made


closed-loop systems

checking production plans against available capacity and if the proposed plans are not achievable at any level revving them


closed-loop systems: 3 planning routines

1. resource requirements plans: looking forward in the long term to predict requirements
2. rough-cut capacity plans: checks MPS and key resources if capacity constraints are broken
3. capacity requirements plans: day-to day effect of the works orders


bill of material

- a list of parts required to make up the total package for a product or service
- shows which parts, how many, and level


levels of assembly

the product structure shows that some parts go into others, which in turn go into others
- finished product is at level 0