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What are the 3 areas of risk to personal safety?

Infection, assault and personal injury


How do you assess risk?

Name the risk, how likely is it, how serious is the outcome, multiply


What are the 5 components of risk assessment?

Identify, avoid, analyse, evaluate, treat


How can a risk be treated?

Avoid, reduce, transfer to someone else, retain & manage


What are the 3 types of assault?

Verbal violence, physical violence, bullying


What are common causes of aggression?

Long waits, bad news, no control/options, dashed expectations, personality/psychiatric disorders, drug/alcohol use


What are the signs of aggression?

- Voice low/slow or loud/abusive
- Loss of eye contact
- Frowning, red face/eyes
- Physical stance - too close, chest/arms out


What action should be taken in the event of aggression?

Call supervisor, code black or police, notification/incident report


When should the police be called?

- Assault/threat of assault
- Destructive behaviour
- Person armed
- Won't quit down after 2-3 requests


How can you treat assault as a physio?

- Avoid
- Come back later
- Do a different procedure
- Different place (don't go to the person's home)


How can you reduce the risk of assault?

- Plan environments
- Manage waiting times
- Get trained in managing aggression
- Manage treatment well


How can you retain and manage the risk of assault?

- Work in twos
- Stay calm, allow person to talk
- Position - back to door, stand slightly side on
- Body language
- Offer snack/drink
- Too dangerous: get out


One in three injuries to staff is caused by -?

Manual handling


What do manual handling incidents include?

Pulling, pushing, lifting, holding, restraining or catching a falling patient


How are manual handling risks treated?

- No lift policies
- Identify hazards, assess risks
- Get patients to use skills and mobility
- Use equipment/planning


How are manual handling risks retained and managed?

- Change postures often
- Assess layout of workplace
- Check weight of objects
- Improve object locations
- Decrease duration/frequency of physical tasks