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Personality = Who are you? how you react to the world around you, it’s relatively stable, character, temperament and intellect, DISTINCTIVE & ENDURING

-Demographics (age, gender, etc) , Attitudes(+/- evaluations), Psychographics (personality/lifestyle)

WHO target market is?
HOW they will react to program?


Psychoanalytic Approach (Freudian Theory)

-A lot motivates our behavior that we don't know of
STRUCTURE OF MIND (Iceberg Structure)
1) Conscious
2) Preconscious = can recall and bring into conscious given the right cue
3) Unconscious

Id = Life instinct, leaving a mark on the world (sex, write a book, discover something)
Ego = Executive that compromises Id & Superego
Superego = Internalization of values, beliefs, ethical concerns, that characterize us, sense of right and wrong


Personality Trait Theory - Big 5

CANOE = Enduring characteristics, people vary on level of each possessed

Conscientiousness = always prepared, like order, attention to details

Agreeableness = interested in people,sympathetic, empathetic

Neuroticism = easily disturbed, stressed out, moody, worrier

Openness = full of ideas, reflective, quick study, imaginative, seek diversity

Extroversion = life of the party, comfortable around others, talkative


Brand Personality

Brand Personality = human characteristics associated with a brand

Sincerity = Down-to-earth, family oriented, genuine, old-fashioned

Excitement = Spirited, young, up-to-date, outgoing

Competence = Accomplished, influential

Sophistication = Pretentious, wealthy, condescending

Ruggedness = Athletic, outdoorsy


Drivers of Brand Personality

Product Attributes = Expectations
Brand Imagery = Logos, mascots,
Country of Origin = associations of country with product (Ex. German dishwashers)
Perception of Age = how dated is company? (Ex. Apple is young, Blackberry is old)