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6 Social Influences

Social Influences = automatic behavior patterns most of us are unaware of, internalized values and customs, external influences that affect our behavior

1) Reciprocation
2) Commitment & Consistency
3) Social Proof
4) Authority
5) Liking
6) Scarcity



People tend to repay favors, general distaste for those who take, but do not give in return, obligation to give, receive, and repay

Ex) Free samples, door holding, gift giving


Commitment & Consistency

Once you commit or take a stand, you will feel pressure to appear consistent with what you’ve done (especially if committed in public) Ex) Losing 50 lbs, ask-price for a car you want to buy

If you have done something in the past you will want to stay consistent Ex) Donating to a charity


Social Proof

Peer pressure, behavior is okay as long as others are doing it, follow majority Ex) Asch experiment, elevator facing

Bystander Apathy = diffusion of responsibility, "there are so many people, no one else is doing anything"



We are taught that obedience to proper authority is right, disobedience is wrong

Ex) Milgram Studies - likely to listen to figure in white coat, even if we think it's wrong



We are easily persuaded by people we like Ex) Sales people get to know you first, celebrity commercials

-Tendency to like those similar to us and also attractive people



Something may seem more valuable to us when they are less available Ex) “Limited Time Only," “One Day Left”