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Targeting = who is best customer for our product? which segment best meets this criteria?

-Targeting a Segment


Ideal Target User

Demographic/Psychographic Factors = type of person firm want
Usage Habits = of a customer firm wants
Needs = firm will satisfy for them


3 Criteria for Target Market

-Criteria used to decide which Segment to make their Target

Fit = goals, skills costs
(Fit our firm? Fit our ideal target? Profitable?)

Attractiveness = size, growth, potential
(How big? Potential for growth?)

Defensibility = defend company strongly
(Competition? Doable or not?)


Prime Prospects

Within Target Market, some will buy but some won't.

WILL: (New Users, Loyals, Med/Heavy Users)
WON'T: (Uninterested, Price Sensitive, Competitive Users)