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An RCF Administrator must be be responsible for the daily operation of the residential care facility including,but not limited to, assuring that residents' ongoing or changing service needs,
as identified in the resident assessments, and services ordered by a licensed health care professional are acted upon by the appropriate staff member. True or False?

True. Read the question again to memorize it! Ha Ha


How many hours a week does an Administrator have to provide to the RCF?

20 hours/week between 8am - 6pm. If the Administrator is out because of a vacation, illness, or other temporary situation, the administrator shall designate a staff member, who shall not be less than twenty-one years of age and who meets the requirements of paragraphs (D) and (K) of rule 3701-17-55 of the Administrative Code, to serve as acting administrator;


Did you know this? The RCF administrator or acting administrator shall be accessible at all other times when not present at the residential care facility. A residential care facility located in the same building as a nursing home, or on the same lot as a nursing home, both of which are owned and operated by the same entity, shall be considered to have met this requirement if the nursing home has a full-time administrator licensed under Chapter 4751 of the Revised Code who is
responsible for both the residential care facility and nursing home. For the purposes of this paragraph, "full-time" means no less than thirty-two hours per calendar week.

If you don't understand it read it again.