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In addition to providing accommodations, supervision, and personal care services to
its residents, a residential care facility is licensed to provide skilled nursing care to
its residents as follows:

(1) Supervision of special diets;
(2) Application of dressings
(3) administration of medication;
(4) other skilled nursing care provided on a part-time, intermittent basis for not more than a
total of one hundred twenty days in any twelve-month period
(5) skilled nursing care provided for more than one hundred twenty days in any twelve-month
period to a resident whose physician has determined the skilled nursing care
needed is routine, or to a hospice patient as defined in section 3712.01 of the
Revised Code.


RCF shall not admit or retain individuals requiring ___________________________

skilled nursing care or provide skilled nursing care beyond the limits


RCF shall not use _____ in their name, letterhead or advertising



T or F: Each residential care facility shall comply with all the residents' rights provisions