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On initial RCF application the RCF must submit on approved form not less than _____ days before propsed opening for licensure.



The initial application for a license to operate a residential care facility shall be accompanied by

1. A statement of financial solvency
2. Name, address, phone numbers of al person(s) and/or companies that own more than 5%
3. Copy of Floor Plan
4. Certificate of occupancy
5. Inspection report of the state fire marshal
6. Heating inspection report


T or F
If the residential care facility alters its physical facilities in a manner that affects bed
capacity or proposes to relocate existing beds to a unlicensed portion of the facility,
the facility shall notify the director, in writing, at least ninety days prior to the date
the facility wants to commence filling the new beds or relocating existing beds.

False - Sixty days


T or F - The operator mus put the license in a file marked "License"

False - The operator shall post the license in a conspicuous place in the residential care


The director may revoke the license at any time if Has violated any of the provisions of the Revised Code or of the Administrative Code; Has violated any order issued by the director; Is not, or any of its principals are not suitable, morally or financially, to operate such an institution; Has had a long-standing pattern of violations that has
caused physical, emotional, mental, or psychosocial harm to one or more
residents AND ___________

Is not furnishing humane, kind, and adequate treatment and care