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The residential care facility, in accordance with this rule shall require written _________ and __________ health assessments of prospective and current residents.

initial & periodic


Each residential care facility
shall, ________________ offer to each resident a vaccination against influenza and
a vaccination against pneumococcal pneumonia as required by section 3721.041 of
the Revised Code.

on an annual basis,


T or F: Each resident shall be initially assessed within 24 hours of admission, except
that paragraphs (C)(11) and (C)(12) of this rule shall be performed within fourteen
days after admission. If the resident had an assessment meeting the requirements
of paragraph (C) of this rule performed no more than ninety days before beginning
to reside in the residential care facility, the resident is not required to obtain
another initial assessment.

False - 48 hours


The initial health assessment shall include documentation of the following: (13 really but name 11)

(11) If skilled care is provided to the resident by staff members, a determination by
a physician (a) Whether the resident's personal care needs have been affected by the
skilled nursing care needs, other than the administration of medication or
supervision of special diets; and
(b) Whether any changes are required in the manner personal care services are
(12) If skilled nursing care is provided to the resident by staff members, the resident's attending physician shall sign orders documenting the need for skilled nursing care, including the specific procedures and modalities to be used and
the amount, frequency, and duration.

(1) Medical diagnoses, if applicable;
(2) Psychological history, if applicable;
(3) Health history
(4) Developmental diagnosis, if applicable;
(5) Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and dietary supplements;
(6) Dietary requirements, including any food allergies;
(7) Height and weight;
(8) A functional assessment which evaluates how the resident performs ADLSs & IADLs
(9) Type of care or services, including the amount, frequency, and duration of skilled nursing care
(10) whether or not the resident is capable of
self-administering medications. The documentation also shall specify what assistance with self-administration
(11) If the resident has been determined to have medical, psychological, or developmental or intellectual impairment


The annual health assessment shall be performed within ______ days of the anniversary date of the resident's last health assessment.