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Bodies natural pH level is?

7.35 - 7.45


Acids are produced by the body through normal metabolism The two types of acids are?

Carbon dioxide through respiratory acids and metabolic acids


Bodies main regulators of acid-base balance?

Lungs and kidneys


pH definition?

Potential for hydrogen


pH less than 7 is defined as what?

Acidic meaning has more hydrogen ions


pH greater than 7 is defined as what?

Alkaline or basic has less hydrogen ions


What are the three buffer systems the body uses to help maintain pH?

Carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffering system.
Protein buffering system.
Renal buffering system.


BLANK is caused by the retention of carbon dioxide. This leads to an increase in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (Pc02). Treatment should be to improve ventilation.

Respiratory Acidosis


BLANK results from a buildup of acid or a loss of base. When excessive acid is produced by the body, the acid spills into the extracellular fluid. Respiratory system will increase rate and depth of breathing to reduce carbon dioxide levels.

Metabolic Acidosis.


What causes respiratory alkalosis?

Hyperventilation. This lowers the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (Pc02) in the alveoli and subsequently the Pc02 in the blood.