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We're *running out of* air.

To run out of smth

У нас заканчивается воздух.

To run out of smth - что-то закончилось


I couldn't *get rid of* you if I tried.

Course, my people *got rid of* Huons.

To get rid of smth

To get rid of smth - избавиться от чего-то

Я бы не смог от тебя избавиться, если бы попытался.

Конечно, мои люди избавились от Хуонов (частицы энергии).


Months I've had *to put up with* her.

It's worth *putting up with* the smell.

To put up with

To put up with - мириться с чем-то, терпеть что-то

Месяцами я должен был мириться с ней (терпеть ее).

Это стоит того, чтобы терпеть этот запах.


*Budge up* a bit, then.

Тогда подвинься немного.


You told me you *wiped out* your own people.

To wipe
To wipe out

To wipe - стереть, вытереть
To wipe out - уничтожить, стереть с лица земли


BAINES: This'll *flush him out*. This'll do it. Super, super fun.

To flush somebody out

Это его выманит.

To flush somebody out - выманить кого-либо


Extra stuff will just *weigh you down*. You can always get something later if it *turn out* you need it.

You know how this will *turn out*.

To weigh someone down
To turn out

To weigh someone down
1. Be heavy to someone

To turn out
1. prove to be the case.

To weigh someone down - отягощать

To turn out - оказаться, обернуться


For some people, that means *turning down* the fun night out with friends because it’d add too much stress to your exam prep.

To turn smth down

To turn smth down
1. reject something offered or proposed
2. adjust a control on an electrical device to reduce the volume, heat, etc.


*Set aside* time for the rituals and activities you need to stay balanced.

To set aside something

To set aside something - выделить, зарезервировать


There are many applications of intelligence. But if we *drill down*, there is a set of intellectual abilities essential to nearly all complex human goals. These could be broken into:

To drill down

To drill down - to look for something on a computer or website by moving from general information to more detailed information.

Покопаемся поглубже


This month I implemented 3 new methods that really *ramped up my Italian progress.

To ramp smth up

To ramp smth up - to increase the speed, power, or cost of something.



DOCTOR: Anyway, if you could print that off. Thanks.
DONNA: So if you could just *print off* that list, I'll get out of your way. Lovely. Thanks, then. See you.

"Print up" is used in conjunction with letter press or offset printing or other high-production printing methods, but not with computer printing.

So you might go to the printing company and have them *print up* some brochures.

But you would *print out* those same brochures on your laser printer.

"Print up" just sounds a tiny bit more "conversational" than "print". There's more of a feeling of the action of setting up the printer and feeding in the paper etc in "print up". However, these are very small nuances.

Print is a more general concept, whereas print out refers to the process of "giving life" to computer-stored documents. If that's the case, however, there could be cases where both verbs could be accepted, depending on what you want to express.

Print off
Print up
Print out



[Stacy's bathroom]

(Another creature *pops out* of Stacy's body, then *gurgles and *waves at* her.)
STACY: What are you? What are you?

To pop out
To wave at someone

To pop out - выскакивать
To wave at someone- махать кому-то рукой


But it isn't enough *to gulp down* a cup of coffee.

To gulp
To gulp down

To gulp- заглотить
To gulp down- быстро выпить


LUCIUS: The female soothsayer is *inclined to* invent all sorts of vagaries.

I *incline to* the view that peace can be achieved.

to incline
to incline to

To incline - If you incline your head, you bend your neck so that your face bends down.

To incline to - to think that a belief or opinion is probably correct.

Склоняться к (мнению и т.п.)


I open up the engines, *soak up* the energy AND use it as fuel.

To soak
To soak smth up

To soak - put in liquid; make wet.
To soak smth up - If a dry substance soaks up a liquid, the liquid goes into the substance.

Замачивать, намочить

Я открываю двигатели, впитываю энергию и использую это как топливо.


About 60% of all English words /derive from/ Latin.

The story /derives from/ a very common folktale.

To derive from /dɪˈraɪv/

To derive smth from smth - to get something from something else. (C1)