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What is diffusion

Spreading out of particles down a concentration gradient from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration until uniformly distributed


What is passive transport

Any process by which substances enter or leave a cell that do not require the cell to expend its own energy


What is active transport

Any process of membrane transport in which a substance moves up its concentration gradient as a result of the cell expending its own energy usually but not always in the form of ATP


What is concentration gradient

A region along which the concentration of a particular substance increases or decreases from one end to the other


What is concentration

A measure of the abundance of a substance as a function of total volume within a mixture


What is a integral proteins

A membrane protein that passes all the way through lipid bilayer of a membrane


What is a peripheral protein

A membrane proteins that is loosely bound to the inner and outer surface of the membrane either Through a small hydrophobic region or connections to an integral protein embedded in the bilayer


What is Solute

A substance that creates a solution when dissolved in a solvent


What is a solvent

A substance that dissolves a solute to create a solution


What is a Vesicle

A small bubble with in a cell a type of organelle that stores and transports cellar products and digest metabolic waste within cell


What Is osmosis

The diffusion of water across a semi permeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration. the force exerted by water moving osmotically is called osmotic pressure


What does is isotonic solution

Concentration of solutes are the same on both sides allows red blood cells to maintain shape


What is the solution hypotonic

Lower concentration of solutes than the cystol inside red blood cells water enters faster than they leave causing the cell to shrivel


What does a hypertonic solution

Higher concentration then the Cystol inside red blood cells. water moves out of cell faster than they enter. Causing the cell to explode


What does the sodium potassium exchange pump do

3 sodium ions are expelled from cell and 2 potassiums are imported from cell per ATP


What are leakage channels

Always open


What are gated proteins

Open or closed. Holes in membrane only certain substances can pass through


Carrier proteins

Binding changing shape to move molecule. Notes from high to low and membering