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When does sensorimotor play occur?

0-1 years


How does a child play by 6 months?

- Reaches and grasps for small objects
- Takes objects to mouth
- May shake objects to make sounds


How does a child play by 9 months?

- Can shake object in imitation
- Can start playing simple social games


How does a child play by 12 months?

- Takes objects to mouth less
- Puts objects in and out of boxes


When does functional pretend play occur?

1 - 2 years +


How does a child play from 12 months?

Attempts to use a hairbrush to brush hair, or teddy


How does a child play from 13-14 months?

Pushes a toy car around the floor


When does symbolic pretend play occur?

18 months +


How does symbolic pretend play develop?

Develops gradually from first attempts (18 months+) to sociodramatic play (3 years+)


What happens during symbolic play?

- Substituting one object for another
- Attributing imaginary property to an object or a situation
- Referring to an absent object or person as if they were present


When does sociodramatic play occur?

30-36 months (2.5-3 years)


What happens during sociodramatic play?

- Assignment of roles
- Negotiation
- Engaging in play with a 'plan'
- Foundation for more complex play, involving imaginary friends/worlds


What are the social aspects of play?

Unoccupied behaviour: not playing, simply observing
Solitary play: child plays alone, uninterested in others (2-3)
Onlooker behaviour: child watches the play of others, and may talk to the children involved but this talk does not relate to the play (common in younger children)
Parallel play: child plays alongside others, often imitating
Associative play: children appear to be playing together but their activities are not organised
Cooperative play: playing together in a more organised manner and sharing interactions about the play (by 3 years)