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What is Software Configuration Management?

#A set of management disciplines to develop a baseline
#with a goal to make technical and managerial activities
more effective


What is a base line?

A work product that can be changed only
through a formal change control procedure.


What are Configuration Management Roles?

#Configuration Manager
• identifies configuration items
#Change Control Board Member
• approves/rejects change requests
# Developer
• Creates promotions triggered by change requests or the
normal activities of development. The developer checks
in changes and resolves conflicts
• selection and evaluation of
promotions for release and for ensuring the consistency
and completeness of this release.


What are Configuration Management Activities?

#Configuration item identification
• Modeling the system as a set of evolving
#Promotion management
• The creation of versions for other developers
#Release management
• The creation of versions for clients and users
#Change management
• The handling, approval & tracking of change
#Branch management
• The management of concurrent development
#Variant management
• The management of coexisting versions


What is configuration Item ?

An aggregation of software, hardware, or both, designated for configuration management


What is a version ?

Is the initial release or re-release of a configuration item


Name all 3 SCM Directories !

#Programmer’s Directory
• Library for holding newly created or modified software
#Master Directory
• Manages the current baseline(s) and for controlling
changes made to them
#Software Repository
• Archive for the various baselines released for general use


Define promotion and release !

#Promotion when internal development of the software is changed
#Release when changed applied to the software is made visible outside


Define revision and release!

#revision : is a change to a version which only corrects errors in design and code an does not change functionality.
#release: formal distribution of approved version


Name 3 forms of baselines !

#Developmental baseline
#Functional baseline
#Product baseline


Name and explain 3 Architectural Styles for Version Control!

Programmer has a simple
local database that keeps all
the changes to files under
revision control.
• A single server contains all the
versioned files
• Programmers check out files from
to the server to their computer,
change them and check them back
into the server
Each programmer’s directory
fully mirrors Server Computer
and Programmers can work offline
on their own branches


What are the tasks for configuration manager ?

#Write the SCMP
#Define configuration items
#Define change policies
#Define activities and responsibilities


What is Software Configuration Management
Plan and what does it define ?

It defines:
# types of documents to be managed
# tools
# who takes what responsibility
# configuration management database
# policies for change control


Name and explain two types of SCMP tailoring !

#Upward tailoring :
to add information
#Downward tailoring
reducing components which do not apply


What are reasons for Continuous Integration?

• Risk 1: The later integration occurs in a project, the
bigger is the risk that unexpected faults occur
• Risk 2: The higher the complexity of the software system,the more difficult it is to integrate its components
#Continuous integration addresses these risks by building as early as possible and frequently
#There is always an executable version of the system
#Team members have a good overview of the project


What is Continuous Delivery and what are its advantages ?

A software is built in way that it can be released to a production at any time.
+ accelerated time to the market
+ improved product quality
+ improved customer satisfaction
+ building the right product


What is the Broken Window Theory ?

Don't leave "broken windows" (bad designs, wrong decisions, or poor code) unrepaired, Fix each one as soon as it is discovered


When does Software rot occur ?

When disorder increases in software


In distributed version control, what does every computer used by a project participant have ?

#A repository with some branches
#A working copy