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What does GSL stand for?

General Sale List


What does P stand for?

Pharmacy Medicine


What does PO stand for?

Pharmacy only medicine


What is a GSL?

A medicinal product that is not a prescription only medicine or a pharmacy medicine (P) but has an authorisation which states that it is to be available on general sale
This authorisation may be:
UK marketing authorisation/ THR/ article 126a
These are MPs that with reasonable safety, can be sold or supplied without supervision of the pharmacist, they are obtainable from any lockable premises eg. A supermarket 


Examples of things that aren't usually GSLs?

Eye ointments
Aspirin containing products for children
Vitamin A and D containing products over a certain amount
paracetamol/aspirin if sold over certain pack sizes get classified as P


Limits get imposed on the pack sizes of certain GSL products when they're sold from non pharmacy businesses (eg supermarkets) eg?

Paracetamol-16 tablets
Aspirin 75mg- 28 tablets
Ibuprofen- 16 tablets


What is a PO?

A substance which contains GSL ingredients but is licensed for sale through pharmacies only.
Fybogel sachets
Gaviscon Advance
Cystemme cystitis sachets

Note: PO is not an official class of medicinal product under the HMR (Human medicines regulations)


What is a P medicine?

A product that is not a POM product or a medicinal product subject to general sale but it covered by an authorisation which states it should only be available from a pharmacy
These MPs require more control than GSLs
Larger quantities, higher concs and higher doses of GSLs
Mix of two GSLs= P
Made up in pharmacy and it's ingredients aren't POM
They're obtainable only from registered pharmacies with a responsible pharmacist present


Where / by who can P medicines be supplied?

A person lawfully running a retail pharmacy
From premises that are a registered pharmacy
Acts under supervision of a pharmacist


What are retail sales?

Any sales that don't fall into the meaning of wholesale dealing


What does supervision mean?

The pharmacist must be aware of what is going on and must be in a position to intervene in a transaction


What 7 types of MPs are POM?

MPs with a marketing authorisation which classifies it as a POM
MPs that are controlled Drugs
MPs for parenteral administration.
Radioactive MPs
Aloxiprin, aspirin and paracetamol products
Pesuedoephedrine and ephedrine products
Cyanogenetic substances


A person may not parenterally administer (unless to himself) a POM unless the person is?

An appropriate practitioner
Acting in accordance with the direction of such an appropriate practitioner


Who are classed as appropriate prescribers of medicines for human use?

Doctor, dentist, nurse independent prescriber, supplementary prescriber, pharmacist IP, optometrist IP, community practitioner nurse prescriber (but only certain POMs)


Ephedrine and pseudoephidrine are exemptions from POM classification under certain circumstances.

Although it is unlawful to supply the following without a Rx:
Product containing more than 720 mg pseudoephidrine or 180 mg ephedrine
A product containing ephedrine with a product containing pseudoephidrine together in one transaction.


All controlled drugs are POMs but __ CDs may be P medicines under certain conditions....

6 CDs


How long are new medicinal products a POM for after first
Iicensing unless there is existing evidence of safety?

For 5 years after first licensing


When can a MP switch from POM to P?

When MP is safe to be supplied without a prescription and not likely to be dangerous without prescriber supervision, or normally prescribed for parenteral admin. usually takes around 5 years

P-> POM if new risks are identified which need a prescriber to be involved eg a bad drug interaction.
Example: terfendinine (antihistamine)


When can an MP switch from P to GSL?

When an MP is safe to be supplied without the supervision of a pharmacist....
GSL-> P when MP is not longer safe to be supplied without supervision of a pharmacist


What are codeine and dihydrocodeine indications?

Short term treatment of acute moderate pain that is not relived by paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen alone


What is the maximum pack size of codeine and dihydrocodeine?

Max 32 doses


What labels and PIL info need to be present with codeine and dihydrocodeine?

"can cause addiction. For 3 day use only"
Can cause headache if use for over 3 days
PIL should give info on warning signs of addiction
Indication must be stated


Medicines containing antitussives, expectorants, nasal decongestants and antihistamines should NOT be used for _____

Cough and cold medicines usually contain these


what's the legal class of:
Common salt

OSodium Chloride BP

OSalt (Sodium Chloride) Tablets BP

OSodium Chloride Mouthwash BP (made up in the Pharmacy)

OSodium Chloride Injection

OCommon Salt. NOT a MP. (just salt-food!)

OSodium Chloride BP= GSL

OSalt (Sodium Chloride) Tablets BP= GSL

OSodium Chloride Mouthwash BP (made up in the Pharmacy)= P

OSodium Chloride Injection= POM (parenteral!)


What is the legal class of:
OIbuprofen Tablets 400mg for headache

OInjection of Hydrocortisone 100mg/ml

OParacetamol Tablets 500mg 16

OChloramphenicol 0.5% Eye Drops 10ml

OWater for injection 10ml

OIbuprofen Tablets 400mg for headache = P

OInjection of Hydrocortisone 100mg/ml = POM

OParacetamol Tablets 500mg 16 = GSL

OChloramphenicol 0.5% Eye Drops 10ml = POM or P

OWater for injection 10ml = POM


What is a POM?

They're obtainable by wholesale dealing, they can only be supplied when a prescription is present.
Eg a practitioner may obtain a POM by wholesale from a pharmacy or wholesaler


What 4 ways is a member of the public able to obtain a POM?

Against a valid prescription from a practitioner
Emergency supply at request of doctor/ patient
By a Patient Group Direction


Who are Private POM prescriptions funded by?

The patient
So you don't send it to NHS BSA


Are repeat prescriptions allowed on private prescriptions?



What colour are NHS private prescriptions?

Can be FP10CDSS and FP10CDNC

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