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PA20285 MEDICINES DESIGN; rheology
What is the deborah number equation,
What is the definition of rheology,
What does the deborah number show
68  cards
Liver Guidelines 243
What are the dosing regimens of c...,
What drug is used for acute alcoh...,
What is a fixed dose reducing reg...
12  cards
Barry Potter Lectures
Are targeted cancer therapies mor...,
What is targeted therapy,
What is a biological anti cancer ...
12  cards
Rob Price 286 Lectures
Drug companies need a pipeline of...,
What is the difference between ph...,
Are clinical trials done in healt...
152  cards
243 Antimicrobial Stewardship
Where are anaerobes usually found,
How can we determine the severity...,
What are the 6 steps to go throug...
40  cards
243 Peadiatrics
What is the ages range of infants,
What ages is classes as pre term ...,
What s the age range classed as a...
48  cards
Law And Ethics- professionalism
What are the seven pillars of cli...,
What is clinical governance,
What are the npsa and nrls and wh...
49  cards
Law And Ethics- Research
What does r d approval mean for t...,
What is research governance all t...,
What happens if the research invo...
30  cards
Law And Ethics- Medicines Optimisation And Information Lecs
How does medicines optimisation d...,
What is medicines optimisation,
Medicines use is proven to be les...
23  cards
Law And Ethics Audit, Public Health And Behavior change
Why should we audit,
What is audit all about,
What is the audit cycle
70  cards
243 Pain
Describe chronic pain,
Describe acute pain,
What are the three main classes o...
76  cards
243 Pregnancy
How could we overcome the problem...,
How may pregnancy effect drug abs...,
What does total body water increa...
71  cards
What is the equation for bmi you ...,
What causes obesity,
What s the main disadvantage of u...
34  cards
243 General Important Points
What s thrush in men called,
What does nice recommend first li...,
Woman on phenytoin enzyme inducer...
6  cards
Law And Ethics Consumer Protection
Who enforces the laws,
Why do we have consumer protectio...,
Consumer protection issues are de...
28  cards
Infection & Immunology Julie Letchford
Tb is a major opportunistic infec...,
What microorganism is tb caused b...,
The incidence of tb is increasing...
141  cards
Infection & immunology Malcolm Watson Asthma treatment
What are modulators,
What are mitogens,
What are enancs
33  cards
Infection & immunology Malcolm Watson COPD Treatment
We can use muscarinic antagonists...,
Can we use beta 2 agonists in copd,
We can use muscarinic antagonists...
22  cards
Infection And Immunology David Taylor
Fungi are carbon heterotrophs wha...,
What are fungi what are they divi...,
What are dermatophytes
56  cards
Infection & Immunity Nick Hadd Fungal
What is sepsis or septic shock,
What does disseminated mean,
What is the process of septic sho...
34  cards
Extemp Exam
Where are cyp450s found what do t...,
What s the main aim of personalis...,
10 of the population get little p...
181  cards
Infection And Immunity Andy Watts
Cmv is a herpes type virus it can...,
Candidiasis is the most common op...,
Tb is often the first sign that s...
27  cards
Infection And Immunity Blagborough
How can metal chelation alter the...,
What is metal chelation,
When metals chelate with a drug w...
47  cards
Infection And Immunity Workshops
Where do polymixins work how do t...,
What s the difference between pol...,
How could a bacteria become resis...
95  cards
Type 1 diabetes is the autoimmune...,
Diabetes is the fifth most common...,
How long is life expectancy said ...
14  cards
CANCER- Edmead Lecture Series
Which cells in our body are more ...,
Proto oncogenes can be converted ...,
Cancer is caused by an accumulati...
8  cards
PA20285 MEDICINES DESIGN- formulations of pharmaceutical products
What are pharmaceutical oral solu...,
What are the advantages of pharma...,
What are the disadvantages with o...
74  cards
PA20292- Amanda Mackenzie lectures
What is endocrine cell signalling,
What is direct cell cell signalling,
What is autocrine cell signalling
122  cards
PA20292 Christine Edmead
What do peritoneal lymphocytes se...,
2 proinflammatory cytokines to re...,
Some features of neutrophils
162  cards
What activates cytotoxic t cells,
Why are igg antibodies so important,
What shapes do each of the differ...
284  cards
PA20298 evidence based medicine
What types of trials happen in dr...,
Are chance bias and confounding c...,
What are randomised controlled tr...
120  cards
What is endogenous cholesterol,
What is atherosclerosis,
What us exogenous cholesterol
21  cards
PA20014 applied microbiology
Who devised a series of tests to ...,
Who discovered that growth of mic...,
Which two scientists were the dri...
82  cards
Sarah Hepburn microbiology in hospitals
In clean rooms things can contami...,
What is a clean room,
Particulates are non living non v...
50  cards
PA20014 applied microbiology flashcards 2
What does a bactericidal agent do,
You may do a sterility test and c...,
What does a bacteriostatic agent
52  cards
PA20293 gene transcription and DNA
What determines expression rate,
What is the difference between ge...,
Are all polymorphisms harmful
149  cards
PA20293 cell cycle flash cards
What happens in s phase how long ...,
What is the g1 phase how long doe...,
What happens in g2 phase how long...
32  cards
Law and Ethics MDA lectures; Jenny Scott
When dispensing cds what act requ...,
What is a controlled drug,
The mda places additional control...
133  cards
PA20024 Classes Of Agent Used For Killing Microbes
Ph is a major limitation of the o...,
What is the more active form of o...,
What is the major advantage of or...
47  cards
PA20024 Albert Bolhius Stuff!
What is latent heat,
What is the only steam suitable f...,
What is sensible heat
34  cards
Albert Bolhius: Recombinant Dna Technology
What are e coli and recombinant p...,
What bacteria is initial cloning ...,
In pcr what temp is desaturation ...
64  cards
Law and Ethics Year 1 Law And Legislation Lectures
What is judicial precedent,
What is tort,
What is the misuse of drugs act i...
87  cards
POMs, GSLs, Ps And POs
What does p stand for,
What does gsl stand for,
What does po stand for
77  cards
Chris Bailey Lecture Flash Cards
What are motor skills and what su...,
What three sub classes can memory...,
What is a priming cue
109  cards
What receptors are at inhibitory ...,
What receptors are found at excit...,
Which is faster at generating an ...
160  cards
Epilepsy Seizures
What happens in the tonic phase,
What types of seizures are classe...,
What happens in clonic phase
14  cards
Labelling And vetinary Medicines
In terms of the drug what must be...,
What must always be on your label...,
When writing directions on the la...
44  cards
How much decline are lifestyle ch...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What are the 5 as of smoking cess...
20  cards
RTS Revision
Acne appearance,
Skin conditions,
Acne treatment
34  cards
Law and ethics poisons
Way are part 1 poisons,
What is a poison,
What are part 2 poisons
28  cards
Law and ethics Denatured alcohol
What does section 78 do,
Which section and act gives hm r ...,
Where are the requirements for de...
19  cards
286 IVIVC and GMP
25  cards

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