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HGD, Quote about Felix feeling guilty about keeping Miranda trapped

What has he been thinking -- keeping her tethered to him all this time?...

Yes, he loves her, his dear one, his only child.


rhetorical question → Felix's inner conflict
novel → Felix's inner conflict


HGD, Quote about Felix telling his reflection to be straight

*Shoulders straight*... Suck it up he orders his grey reflection

(pg 10)

italics → relates theatre to his life
novel → internal dialogue and conflict
diction → flawed version, inner conflict


HGD, Quote about saying theatre isn't a republic, it's a monarchy

The theatre isn’t a republic, it’s a Monarchy

(pg 147)

art/theatre theme → director has power
metaphor → director has power


HGD, Quote about snake-eyes saying that the exposition in The Tempest is boring and changes it

Ha. He’s cutting me out. How fitting for Antonio...

Rethink, reframe. All right, let’s hear it

We call this ‘Evil Bro Antonio'

(pg 155)

Novel → see Felix's paranoia and inner conflict
Colloquial language → Reimagining


HGD, Quote about Felix discussing what the '9th prison' is

He’ll be forced to re-enact his feelings of revenge, over and over. It would be like hell

(pg 275)

simile → Biblical allusion
Intertextuality → Homage to Shakespeare


HGD, Quote about Felix questioning who owns the play

“It’s not my play… It’s our play… Does he believe this? Yes. No. Not really.

(pg 176)


TMP, Quote about Caliban being subject to a tyrant

Subject to a tyrant


TMP, Quote about Caliban and how he'll kill Prospero

Batter his skull... Paunch him with a stick

Action → brutal imagery


TMP, Quote about the Kings about to die and stuff

The Kings and Princes at prayers!

All is lost! To prayers to prayers!

People bow to higher being → context of Great Chain of Being


TMP, Quote about Prospero giving up his magic

This rough magic...

I'll break my spells...

I'll drown my books

Symbolism, items are symbols of power → returns to humanity


TMP, Quote about Prospero being invisible with music

*Solemn and strange music*, Prospero on the top (invisible)

stage direction → Prospero sounds divine and powerful


TMP, Quote about the goiuys being in a circle because of Prospero bringing them together

*They stand in a circle… charmed*