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HGD, Chapter titles

1. Dark Backward
2. A Brave Kingdom
3. These Our Actors
4. Rough Magic
5. This Thing of Darkness


HGD, Quote Introducing The Tempest

Jagged yellow lettering on black: THE TEMPEST

(pg 3 and 210)

intertextuality → homage to Shakespeare


HGD, Quote about Felix telling his reflection to be straight

*Shoulders straight*... Suck it up he orders his grey reflection

(pg 10)

italics → relates theatre to his life
novel → internal dialogue and conflict


HGD, Quote about Felix practicing tongue twisters

Tip of the tongue, top of the teeth, test the tempestuous teapot, she sells seashells by the seashore

(pg 10 and pg 179)

art/theatre theme → influential on Felix's life
motif → influential on Felix's life


HGD, Quote about Felix saying 'Let's make magic'

*Let’s make magic!*

(pg 10)

motif → directly links art to magic


HGD, Quote about Felix being in denial and his inner conflict

Face the plain unvarnished grime of reality

But real life is brilliantly coloured, says another part of his brain

(pg 177)

juxtaposition → inner conflict of Felix
novel → inner conflict of Felix


HGD, Quote about Prospero's contradictions

So many contradictions to Prospero! Entitled aristocrat, modest hermit? Wise old mage, revenge sadistic poop?

(pg 179)

juxtaposition → inner conflict of Felix


HGD, Quote about Prospero being confined to one thing or another

They cheated for centuries when presenting this play… trying to confine Prospero… make him one thing or the other

(pg 179)

Metacommentary → Atwood implies she knows Shakespeare, homage


HGD, Quote about Tony using sotto voce

Says Tony to Serbet *sotto voce*

(pg 220)

Felix relates theatre techniques to his IRL → impactful in shaping the way he thinks


HGD, Quote about lockdown being a prank

So the riot, the lockdown” says Lonnie “were they- they weren’t… was it theatre?

(pg 235)

Aposiopesis → difficulty in discerning theatre from life


HGD, Quote about Felix analysing Prospero being pardoned in the epilogue

The Tempest is a play about a man producing a play… so maybe the fault for which he needs to be pardoned is the play itself’

(pg 274)

Metacommentary → Atwood's own understanding of the play, homage to Shakespeare's craft


HGD, Quote about Felix being a director

He is after all a director, first and foremost

alliteration → clearly conveys Felix's authority


HGD, Quote about prisoners loving they self

They pretend to be someone else... For once in their lives they love themselves

theme of art/performance → power of art to transform reality and change opinions


TMP, Quote aboute the 3 stooges appearing wet for the lols

*Enter Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo, all wet*

stage direction → comedic effect


TMP, Quote about how all of their reality is fake and the GREAT GLOB-

The Great Globe itself… For we are such stuff that dreams are made of.

reference → power of art to create worlds


TMP, Quote about Miranda seeing the ship crash and burn

If by your art, my dearest father, you have put this wild waters in this roar, allay them

theme of art/performance → magic compared to art, powerful


TMP, Quote about solemn music (stage direction) and some heavenly music

Some heavenly music

*Solemn music*

stage direction → coincide's Prospero's command, powerful