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Quote about Felix beating himself up because he didn't see Tony trick him

‘He didn’t pick up on the clues as anyone with half a brain and two ears might have done’

(pg 10)


Quote about when the prisoners were like 'do you have an important picture of a loved one for the play we can put it in the video'

“Why is this cornball idea wrecking him completely? Sentimental sludge! Is he going to cry?”

(pg 159)


Quote about Felix denying Miranda (the hallucination) being Miranda (in the play)

‘You can’t play Miranda”

“But she doesn’t have a room, he reminds himself. She has no bed, she never sleeps’

(pg 177)


Quote about morning not being her (Miranda's) time

‘Mornings are not her time… She needs twilight to glow’

(pg 177)


Quote about Miranda saying 'were I human' like Twinkiel does

‘I would sir, were I human’

(pg 231)


Quote about Felix losing Miranda in the 'late tempest'

“I sympathize,” says Felix. “I lost my own daughter, in this late tempest It’s irreparable’

(pg 235)