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HGD, Quote about Sal being stoned

I’ve got it all on video” says Felix… Sal, obviously stoned out of his mind

(pg 234)

imagery → humour, postmodernism and progressive politics


HGD, Quote about 8Handz saying that getting the ministers high on drugs is ethically wrong

This is too sick even for me

(pg 234)


HGD, Quote about bygones being bygones

I pardon all of you, and we’ll let bygones be bygones

(pg 235)

reference → homage to Shakespeare
synonymous to eye for eye → removes Biblical-ness


HGD, Quote about Felix analysing Prospero being pardoned in the epilogue

The Tempest is a play about a man producing a play… so maybe the fault for which he needs to be pardoned is the play itself

A sin says” Felix. “Not a legal lapse, a moral one

(pg 274)


TMP, Quote about Prospero roasting then forgiving Caliban

Misshapen knave… mother was a witch… bastard one

This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine

juxtaposition → ambiguity in Prospero's words


TMP, Quote about Antonio being an unnatural POS but with Felix forgiving him anyways

I do forgive thee, unnatural though thou art

(Act 5.1, line 73)

allusion → Great Chain of Being, Antonio breaking order of Shakespeare times


TMP, Quote about him calming down and forgiving people

Yet my nobler reason against my fury...the rarer action is In virtue than in vengeance

(Act 5.1, line 34)

theme of mercy → Prospero uses reason (human quality) and knows it's right


TMP, Quote about Antonio being a POS

For you, most wicked sir, whom to call brother
Would even infect my mouth,

(Act 5.1, line 151)

lexical chain → Antonio is evil


HGD AND TMP, Quote about Ariel being a human and stuff

I would sir, were I human


intertextuality → Felix regains humanity (Miranda is conscience)