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Background Information

1.) Nomadic Lives
2.) Hunter-gatherer = Didn't grow crops
3.) Left no written records
4.) Historians= Relied on Archaeological Evidence
5.) Low life expectancy


Problems with Archaeology + How people lived

1.) Skeletons--> Don't tell everything
2.) Bones--> Damaged--> Excavation
3.) Few sites contained skeletons 1.) Decayed 2.) Buried elsewhere
4.) Evidence= Difficult to interpret
5.) Skeletons--> Might not represent populace which used to live there
How people lived:
1.) Moved around a lot
2.) No language


Solutions to Prehistory

1.) Looking at other hunter gatherer societies
2.) Info from Egypt + Rome
3.) Artifacts: Skulls, Bones, Cave-paintings


Natural Beliefs + Treatments

Trephining: Cutting holes--> head
1.) Survived--> Bone grew back
2.) Released spirits + Powers of communication

Medicine Men= Dealt with spirits
Woman= Everyday Health


Supernatural Beliefs + Treatments

1.) Prehistoric people--> Everyone= spirit = why we become ill
2.) Feel ill: Spirit removed, or enters whilst asleep
3.) Wore lucky charms--> ward away evil
4.) Chanting/ Dancing
Medicine Men= Hunt for pointing stick. Throw stick in water= released