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what will the level of promotion used depend on?

-competition depending on how many rivals there is? is it needed?
-availability as little need to promote in short supply (fball tickets)
-product differentiation, USP don’t need much


what are sales promotion designed to do

-increase revenue over short time
-increase demand from first time buyers
-increase long term profit
-improve customer loyalty


what are the 2 types of sales promotions

into the pipeline and out of the pipeline


what does into the pipeline mean

into the pipeline promotions are offered by manufacturers to retailers to encourage them to stock their product


what does out of the pipeline mean

out of the pipeline promotions are offered by retailers to the consumers to encourage them to buy the product


what does into the pipeline promotions consist of

-point of sale material, manufacturers providing posters etc
-deal loaders, buy 10 get 2 free
-staff training to provide better service


what does out of the pipeline consist of

-free samples
-competitions on packaging


some promotions are forms of ads or PR linked to certain celebrities, what are these called

Product endorsement- link a celeb with a product eg andy murray

Product placement- sell a product that is featured in a tv show or film eg james bond


how does public relations relate to promotion

-press releases, statement to outline the pros of the org to the public
-manage social media messages and handle things quickly


what are the advantages of public relations

-promotes positive image
-negative stories are dealt with quick so reduce impact
-support promo or campaign
-increase public awareness


what are the disadvantages of public relations

-costly to employ specialist staff
-public could think the story is spinned and don’t believe the message
-both good and bad publicity in the media is outwith control of org


what is public relations

the maintenance of public image