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amino acid availability- how much does BCAAs make up,

BCAAs make up 20%
BCAAs not sued by the liver and are released for use by other tissues


What is muscle turnover

balance between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown


oxidation of AA enhanced by these factors

exercise intensity
habitually high pro. diet
low muscle glycogen availability


how does duration, habitual high pro diet, low muscle glycogen availability affect AA as fuel

duration- after 60-70 mins of exercise, urea lvls increase

high pro- leucine oxidation increases with ingestion of high pro

low carb + high pro intake increases MPS


pro contributes how much energy at rest and during ex

pro contributes 5-15% of energy expenditure @ rest
during prolonged exercise contribution is low


How much g of pro per kg bodyweight

0.8 over 2 not recommended


factors affecting pro synthesis

congestion of other nutrients
amount of pro
timing of intake
type of pro.


how does congestion of other nutrients affect pro synthesis

carb injestion elevates plasma insulin, reduces breakdown of pro and promotes protein synthesis
fat also stims pro synthesis


Protein requirements for strength, endurance and vegs

strength/res.- 1.2-1.7
- essential AA needed to support growth

endurance- 1.2-1.4
- endurance has pro. sparing effect

Vegs- 1.3-1.7, need complementary sources


Timing of pro. intake

strongly and positively correletaed with post exercise gains
common thinking is quickly consume after workout (may be larger window tho)


animal vs plant pro

quality higher in animals (more digestible + better AA comp)

more leucine (signal for MPS)

animal have all essential AA


cows milk % of whey and casein

whey 80
cas 20


difference bw whey and casien

whey- fast acting, broken down absorbed quick, more essential AA/BCAAs

casien- slow, takes longer to digest, prolonged increase in AA


4 types of milk pro and characteristics of each

conc- pro b/w 30-90%

isolates- further process to remove fat/carb
- approx 90% pro

hydrolysates- whey pre digested, quick absorption

native whey- most pure