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Sodium bicarbonate- optimal dose, how does it work, best type of exercise its for

for high intensity ex.
optimal dose is 300mg/kg 1-2 h before
acidity is buffered by Hco3


Androsterodione claim and research

naturally occurring pre test
thought to stim synthesis of test but hasn’t been found to


HMB claim and research

metabolite of AA leucine
claim to increase lean body mass+strength, inhibit catabolism

research found more total body strength w HMB group but didn’t control for diet


L caratine- where is it found, stored and do

present in red meat/dairy
synthesized in liver
muscle retains most

l carotene transports long chain FA across mitochondrial matrix


L carotene claims n research (why doesn’t it work)

improves VO2, reduces lactate by reacting w excess acyle CoA, improves fat ox

doesn’t support any
bioavailability is low and transport to muscle is limited


what does effect of caffeine depend on

dose, training status, timing of ingestion, history of use, source of caffeine, age, gender, body size, tollerence


caffeine characteristics (half life)

half life 2-10 h
quickly enters blood
crosses all body membranes


best dose and above what would have no effect

above 5-6mg/kg no effect on endurance


caffeine effects on muscle strength (how)

enhance force output (enhance ca release from SR)
increases muscle contractility
delays fatigue


caffeine effects on max exercise (how)

positive effects
increases number of muscle fibres recruited


mechanism of action of caffeine

increases circulating epinephrine (pro lipolysis)
decreses RER
increased plasma FFA
reduces peripheral fatigue
adenosine recepotor antagonist (adenosine pro sleep)
increases excitability of muscle fibres
increases ca release


central effects of caffiene

promotes mental awareness
enhanced conc
mood improvement
lower self reported fatigue
lower perceived pain