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What are the 4 levels of protein structure?

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary


What is the 1st level of protein structure?

Primary: refers to the amino acid sequence.
Amino acids are linked linearly by peptide bonds


What is the 2nd level of protein structure?

Secondary: refers to the conformation adopted by local regions of the protein chain.
Chains fold into alpha helixes or beta sheets through hydrogen bonding


What is the 3rd level of protein structure?

Tertiary structure.
Additional folding caused by hydrophobic (interior) and hydrophilic (exterior) interactions


What's is the 4th level of protein structure?

Quaternary structure. Consists of more than one chain. Subunits are joined together by noncovalent bonds


What determines the structure of a protein?

The amino acid sequence determines the 3D structure and all of its other properties


What are the interactions that help create protein tertiary structure?

1) hydrogen bonding, 2) disulfide bonds, 3) hydrophobic/hydrophilic interactions, 4) ionic interactions, 5) Van der Walls forces, and 6) proline turns


What are the protein dewatering agents?



What do you need to do to re-nature a protein?

Remove the dewatering agent