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What are tissues?

Groups of cells that perform a common function


What are the main functions of epithelial cells? What are the main types?

Protects body from moisture loss, bacteria, and internal injury.
-Covering and lining epithelium lines almost all external and internal surfaces.
-Glandular epithelium secretes hormones or other products such as stomach acid, sweat, saliva, milk


What are the main functions of connective tissue?
What are the two types and where are they found?

Generally provides support and structure to the body.
Loose connective tissue: holds the outer layer of skin to the underlying muscle tissue (found in fat layers, lymph nodes, red bone marrow)
Fibrous connective tissue: also holds body parts together but is more rigid. Found in ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bone


What are the main functions of nervous tissue? What are the two types of nerve cells?

Forms the nervous system, which coordinates movement through nerve network.
Two types of nerve cells:
1) Neurons - basic structural unit
2) Neuroglia (glial cells) provide support functions for neurons such as insulation or anchoring to blood vessels


What are the main functions of muscle tissue? How is it different from other tissues? What are the main types?

Muscle tissue is unique in that it contracts.
1) Cardiac- found in the heart
2) Smooth- lines the walls of blood vessels and certain organs such as the digestive and urogenital tracts
3) Skeletal- attached to bones and causes movements of the body


What type of tissue is blood?

Connective tissue


What type of tissue is dermis?

Connective tissue


What type of tissue is apidocytes?

Connective tissue


What are examples of nervous tissue?

Neurons, glial cells (astrocytes, microglia, Schwann cells, oligodendrocytes, ependymal cells)


Ependymal cells are considered to be?

Both nervous and epithelial tissue


Epithelial tissue is anything that ____

Lines a cavity or separating the body from the external environment


What is the order of tissue organization?

Organ systems > Organs > Tissues > Cells