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Obsessive-compulsive disorder is associated with what movement disorder?

Tourette's syndrome


Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder has similar symptoms as obsessive-compulsive disorder with what major difference?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is ego dystonic whereas obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is ego syntonic


How long must symptoms be present to consider a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder?

At least 1 month


What disorder is a precursor to posttraumatic stress disorder?

Acute stress disorder, which lasts no longer than 1 month


A war veteran describes recurrent nightmares and flashbacks of her close friend being brutally killed and burned on the battlefield. These flashbacks have lasted for 4 months since she returned from Iraq. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Posttraumatic stress disorder


A person who had her hand amputated as a result of a food-processing incident has recurrent flashbacks. She cannot go into a kitchen without having intense fear, and this has lasted for 3 months. What disorder does this patient have?

Posttraumatic stress disorder


How is posttraumatic stress disorder treated?

Psychotherapy and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors


A person who had his hand amputated as a result of a food-processing incident has recurrent flashbacks. He cannot go into a kitchen without having intense fear, and this has lasted for a period of 2 weeks. What disorder does this patient have?

Acute stress disorder


The re-experiencing of traumatic events leads to what symptoms?

Feelings of horror, helplessness, fear


Define adjustment disorder.

Emotional symptoms in response to an identifiable stressor that lasts less than 6 months


What are some of the symptoms associated with generalized anxiety disorder?

Sleep problems, fatigue, difficulty concentrating


What drugs are used in the management of generalized anxiety disorder?

Benzodiazepines, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and buspirone


A patient presents with a chief complaint that he is a "worrier." He says he worries about everything all the time. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Generalized anxiety disorder


By definition, the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder must last how long to be clinically significant?

>6 months


A 34-year-old male presents with epigastric pain that radiates to the back. He has been admitted previously for a similar complaint as well as for opiate overdose. Physical exam shows epigastric pain that is not present with distraction. Amylase and lipase are normal. What is the likely diagnosis?



Compare malingering and factitious disorder.

Whereas the complaints of an individual who is malingering cease after the gain is achieved, the complaints of an individual with factitious disorder continue; also, malingering is a conscious action whereas factitious disorder is a product of unconscious


A mother is found to be injecting feces into the intravenous line of her 3-year-old daughter to keep her in the hospital. What is this psychiatric syndrome called?

Munchausen's syndrome by proxy


A patient in the emergency department is requesting to be admitted for the hundredth time this year. He has a history of multiple invasive procedures, and he seems to enjoy being in the hospital. What is this condition called?

Munchausen's syndrome


Define the difference between malingering and factitious disorder with respect to obtaining medical care.

In malingering, patients avoid medical treatment; in factitious disorder, patients are willing to obtain any medical treatment offered


What somatoform disorder is characterized by motor and sensory symptoms that are unconsciously produced, incongruent with physical examination, and follow an acute stressor?

Conversion disorder


A patient presents with prolonged diffuse pain that has been extensively worked up with no etiology found. What is his diagnosis?

Pain disorder


A woman presents to her primary care physician of 12 years with back pain. She describes it as acute-onset, nonradiating pain. She had a similar description for leg pain a few months ago. She has a history of irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, dyspareunia, and tingling in her feet. Diagnostic workup has been negative thus far. What is a good working diagnosis for this patient?

Somatization disorder


A patient presents at multiple visits with a preoccupation and fear that she might have a serious illness, despite being reassured of her health many times. What is this condition called?



A supermodel presents to a plastic surgeon with a complaint that her nose does not look right. She has had 12 cosmetic surgeries on her nose in the past. What somatoform disorder does this patient have?

Body dysmorphic disorder


Somatoform disorders are more common in which sex?



How do malingering patients differ from those with somatoform disorders?

Malingering is a product of conscious actions whereas somatoform disorders are products of the unconscious


Which organ systems must be involved to diagnose somatization disorder?

Gastrointestinal, sexual and neurologic symptoms must be present


Define personality trait.

A personality trait is a consistent way a person processes his/her environment and his/her role in it


How does a personality disorder differ from a personality trait?

A personality trait is a consistent way a person processes his/her environment and his/her role in it. A personality disorder is a condition in which this trait becomes inflexible and maladaptive


True or False? Personality disorders are usually diagnosed during childhood.

False; personality disorders are not usually diagnosed in children; however, personality disorder patterns are generally stable by early adulthood