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Features of the trachea

is about 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter; courses inferiorly anterior to esophagus and posterior to aortic arch


features of the cartilaginous rings

are 16 - 20 C-shaped rings


features of the bronchus

divides into right and left main (primary) bronchi at the level of the sternal angle of Louis


features of the right bronchus

it is shorter, wider, and more vertical than the left bronchus; aspirated foreign objects more likely to pass into this bronchus


features of the secondary bronchi

supply lobes of each lung (three on the right, two on the left)


features of the tertiary bronchi

supply bronchopulmonary segments (10 for each lung)


what happens to the bronchi beyond the tertiary bronchi

the passageways narrow considerably and eventually lose their cartilaginous support; thus forming bronchioles, with a terminal bronchiole supplying a lobule of the lung.

within the lobules, the respiratory bronchioles divide into alveolar ducts, sacs and alveoli


what is the lung surrounded by

- visceral pleura: reflects off of the lung surface, innervated by the ANS (no tiene sensibilidad), irrigated by bronquiole arteries
- parietal pleura: lines the inner aspect of the thoracic cage, irrigated by intercostal arteries (consta de 3 porciones; costal, mediastinica y diafragmatica)


what is the hilum

its a point at which structures (bronchus, vessels, nerves and lymphatics) enter or leave the lung


features of the each lung

- lobes: three (superior, middle, inferior) in the right lung, two in the left lung
- horizontal fissure: only on right lung, extends along line of 4th rib
- oblique fissure: on both lungs, extends from T2 vertebra to 6th costal cartilage
- impressions: made by adjacent structures, in fixed lungs
- hilum
- lingula
- cardiac notch: indentation for the hear in left lung
- pulmonary ligament: double layer of parietal pleura hanging from the hilum that marks reflection of visceral pleura to parietal pleura
- bronchopulmonary segment: 10 functional segments in each lung supplied by a segmental bronchus and a segmental artery from the pulmonary artery


inervacion de los pulmones

se deriva de los nervios vagos y simpaticos
no existen fibras sensitivas dolorosas