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what are the charecteristics of systemic mycoses?

1. all environmental
2. thermal dimorphism --> so once in the lung, it becomes dimorphism
3. not person to person transmissible


what is the fungus that belongs to coccidioides?

coccidioides immitis


what are the charecteristics of coccidiodes immitis?

dimorphic --> mold in soil, spherule in tissue


what is the region where you can find coccidiodes immitis?

endemic in southwest US and Latin America


in soil, coccidioide immitis forms

hyphae with alternating arthrospores and empty cells


what are the four fungi that are considered as systemic mycoses?

1. histoplasmosis
2. blastomycosis
3. coccidioidomycosis
4. paracoccidioidomycosis


what are the characteristics of the systemic mycoses?

1. all can cause pneumonia and can disseminate
2. all are caused by dimorphic fungi (cold --> mold, heat --> yeast), the only exception being coccidioidomycosis, which is spherule (not yeast in tissue)


what is the name of the tissue form of coccidioidomycosis?



what is the regional association of coccidioidomycosis?

southwestern US, California


after a earthquake spores in dust are thrown up in the air and spherules in the lungs are found, what is the causative agent?



what is spherule found from coccidioidomycosis?

much larger than RBC filled with endospores


what are the clinical characteristics of coccidioidomycosis?

1. San Joaquin Valley fever
2. desert bumps --> erythema nodosum
3. desert rheumatism --> arthralgias


what are the characteristics of chronic phase of the coccidioides pathogenesis?

innate immunity inadequate for clearance, lymphocytes and histiocytes initiate granuloma and giant cell formation
--> If CMI is healthy, infection is contained in granulomas in lung, many eventually cleared asymptomatically

--> many pts who become ill have nonspecific flulike symptoms that resolve at home


what are the symptoms of valley fever or desert rheumatism caused by coccidioides?

1. fever
2. arthralgias
3. erythema nodosum
4. erythema multiforme
5. chest pain