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what does a purpose question look like?



strategy {type 1}

1) Read the question to understand what you're being asked
2) Identify the key words
3) Read the appropriate paragraph and find those key words or synonyms of them
4) Read the sentence with your key words and understand that the purpose of it is to explain the sentence that came before
5) Look for any adverbs that will help you to identify the relationship between the sentence with your key words and the sentence before it
6) Choose an answer choice that reflects the information in the sentence before


strategy {type 2}

1) Remind yourself of the structure of thr reading by reviewing or re-reading the first sentence of every paragraph
2) If step 1 doesn't clearly illustrate the answer, read the sentence of the paragraph that you're being asked about gagin and remenber that the purpose of the paragraph is to describe that first sentence
3) If step2 doesn't clearly illustrate the answer read through the majority of the paragraph discuss