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1) Read the sentence carefully to identify what it's saying and key words wthin it.
2) Read the paragraph and find the sentence that contains the key words or synonyms of them
3) If that's not enough to find the answer (which it's not in our case because we still have 3choices possible) and your sentences contain pronouns use them to help you determine where you sentence belongs
4) If that's not enough to find the answer determine whether your sentence contains connection adverbs such as however, consequently, therefore, etc. If is does, use these connection adverbs to determine whether your sentence continues the idea its about or being the ideas. Then choose the answer that makes the most sense
5) If that's not enough to find the answer, determine whether your sentence is discussing something in a general or specific way. In the acadimic English that you will find on the TOEFL, general sentences appear before specific snetences