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What is the clue of the inference question?

Infer Imply Suggest


What is the strategy of the inference question?

1) Read the question to understand what information you are being asked to find
2) Identify the key words in the question to search for in the reading
3) Start reading quickly from the beginning of te paragraph in searrch of the key words or synonyms of them
4)When you find the key word, remind yourself of teh question and read carefullly to find the answer foe yourself. Ask yourself what does this imply taht may be true? 60% of the answers will be found in the sentence with your key words. 30% will require to read 1 sentence more. 10% will require you read 2 sentences more to find the answer
5) Once you have identified the answer, check the answer choices and choose the one that matches your anticipated answer best
6) If you don't find the answer right away keep ask yourself: what must be true from this sentence that isn't stated directly