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define quality contol

specific measures for ensuring and verifying quality of radiographs produced


define quality audit

process of external reassurance and assessment that quality control/assurance mechanisms are satisfactory and work effectively


according to IRMER 2000, who must know quality assurance/ control

practicioners, operators (even if only in film processing)


6 essential procedures within dental radiology QA program

-image quality
-patient dose and x ray equipment
-darkroom/daylight hood, image receptors, processing, image viewing
-working procedures


% and descriptions of Subjective Quality Rating

1: excellent, no errors of exposure/positioning/ processing 70%
2: diagnostically acceptable, some errors but do not detract from the diagnostic utility of the radiograph 20%
3: unacceptable, errors which render the radiograph unacceptable 10%


what to include in film reject log 5

nature of film fault
-cause and corrective action
-number or repeat radiographs
-total number of radiographs in a specific time period --> can calculate % grade 3 films


define quality assurance WHO

organised effort by the staff of a facility to ensure that the diagnostic images produced are of sufficiently high quality so that they consistently provide adequate diagnostic info at the lowest possible cost and least possible exposure of the patient to radiation

arrangements to ensure quality control measures are effective and they can lead to a relevant page


chapter 5 guidance notes

-QA program mandatory
-must be reported
-responsibility of named person: define freq of operations, content of supporting records, freq of formal checking of records


initial checks of x ray equipment 2

-critical examination by installer
-acceptance test before equipment used clinically to establish baseline performance inc measurements to assess representative pt dose. responsibility of named legal person


how often should x ray equipment be checked/ types of checks 3

-daily checks, record findings (surgery staff)
-regular service/ maintenance checks (engineer)
-routine tests by physicist: every 3yrs. responsibility of legal person, to complement regular maintenance checks


3 reasons physicist routine tests may be done annually

-assessed dose exceeds DRL
-failure to meet image quality targets
-performance weakness identified through QA


when is re-examination report by physicist needed 3

if equipment is:


5 things to include in equipment log

-what equipment (manufacturer, model number, identifier/serial number, year of manufacture, date of installation
-installation checks
-routine tests (chronological order)
-maintenance records


how often to check darkroom/ daylight hood

daily: cleanliness of work surfaces/ daylight hood/ film hangers
6-12 monthly 4:
-light tightness
-condition ofsafelights/daylight hood filter
-correct filter, no cracks
distance from work surface


how to test if daylight hood is safe

coin test


5 things to ensure for x ray film storage

-cool dry place
-away from sunlight and ionising radiation
-store on side
-rotate stock
-careful handling


how to check for film-screen contact

graph paper/scatterguard between screens
--> take radiograph
--> check lines are clear on both side

(also clear regularly with proprietary cleaner)


how to care for digital image receptors

every month 3:
-visual inspection of plates
-check cables and sensors
-clean plates if necessary


how/how often to check image uniformity

every 3 months
-use low exposure
-view with narrow window


how to monitor x ray set for deterioration 4 stages

-radiograph with test tooth with standard settings/distance
-process film in fresh solutions to produce STANDARD REFERENCE FILM
-repeat daily and compare
-record results


summary of:
a. every day checks
b. every week checks
c. every fortnight checks
d. every 6 month checks
e. annually
f. every 3 months

summary of:
a. every day checks: solution levels, change water in wash tank, cleaner film, check chemical deterioration
b. every week checks: clean rollers
c. every fortnight checks: change chemicals, wash transport mechanisms and tank
d. every 6 month checks: coin test
e. annually: service machine
f. every 3 months: monitor checks eg greyscale, resolution, distance/ angle calibration


3 things to include in audit

-QA program and associated records
-justification and authorisation of radiographs
-clinical evaluation of radiographs