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Pros of quantitative method?

Can look at a large number of observations.
Can control for multiple causes of variation in dependent variable
Easy to replicate
Good for testing theories


Cons of quantitative method?

Possible measurement problems
Must assume constant causal effects across all observations
Causality is assumed but not proven


Kreuzer's opinion on quantitative methods?

Quality of research depends on historical knowledge closeness.
This is because:
It helps to define the precise causality.
Assesses equivalence of cases across time.
Crucial for ascertaining plausibility of casual mechanisms.


Examples of qualitative method?

Case study
Comparative method
Process tracing


Evidence for qualitative methods over quantitative?

In the 2000 elections (Bush vs Gore) networks declared Gore had won before polls have closed
According to regression this cost Bush 10,000 votes
According to the causal process tracing only 28 were lost.


Pros of qualitative?

Precise measurement of variables and effects.
Easy to discover new facts.
Achieves analytical depth.


Cons of qualitative?

Difficult to make generalisable causal inferences.
Difficult to control for multiple causes of variable.
Better for producing than testing.


Which institutions restrict majority rule?

Presidential: coalitions have to be built issue by issue
Coalition/minority government: compromises in parliament
Federalism: restricts power of general government.