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What is Political Stability?

The ease with which the status quo can be changed.


Why did Tsebelis develop the Veto Player framework?

To explain variations in policy stability.


What is a veto player?

A person whose agreement is needed to produce a change in the status quo. They will be close to their ideal point.


How are veto players generated?

By constitution: institutional veto players
By political game: partisan veto players


What is a winset?

The winset is the outcomes needed to alter the status quo.


What is the unanimity core?

The unanimity core is the area between ideal points of veto players. If current policy exists here, there is no policy change.


What happens if political stability increases?

The winset is small and the unanimity core is big.


What happens if more veto players are introduced?

The winset gets smaller and the core gets bigger. The distance between VP's ideal points growing means more political stability.


What is an agenda setter?

The Veto Player who makes the first move: distinct advantage, can propose a point inside the core that is closest to her preference.