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a restriction on the amount of information that can be processed at once, necessitating a selection of information to pass through the bottleneck.


change blindness

failure to detect changes in the physical aspects of a scene, thought to arise from the inability to select at any one time all of the information in the two storage buffer systems.


divided attention

focusing on more than one source of information at one time.


double dissociations

the case in which an activity or variable affect the performance of one task or aspect of a task but not the other, and a second activity or variable has the reverse effect.



the case in which an activity or variable affect the performance of one task or aspect of a task but not the other; evidence of an existing process.



refers to a connection between conceptual entities or mental states that results from the similarity between those states or their proximity in space or time.


dual task interference

interference on perfomance in one task while performing a second task at the same time, compared with when the first task is performed alone.


response bottleneck

a stage of processing in which a response to a stimulus is selected in competition with other possible responses (pressing a button with a foot pedal response).


What are some types of failure of selection in space?

Change deafness, change blindness


What is a failure of selection in space?

When there is a lot of information simultaneously present and you are not able to notice it all at once


What are limitations on the speed with which information can be processed in temporal sequence called?

Failures of selection in time


What is endogenous attention?

a form of attention in which top-down information drives the selection of information in the input. It originates from within


What is exongeous attention?

a form of attention in which information in the input captures attention and is selected in a bottom-up fashion


spotlight attention

Focused visual attention refers to the attention one gives to an object or area within a given space. Some have likened this to a spotlight, because we preferentially process whatever falls into our beam of focus