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Ms. Mary mentioned that sometimes she hears a man's voice that is a "little bit scary." What question should the nurse ask as a priority nursing assessment?

What is the voice saying to you?


In an acute care setting, which of Ms. Mary problems should receive the highest nursing priority?

Suicidal ideation


Ms. Mary tells the nurse that she is not worth the time the nurse spends with her. The patient often mentions that she is “the worst person in the world.” On the basis of this data, which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate?

low self-esteem


The nurse wishes to reinforce the client's self-esteem by acknowledging the improvement in her personal appearance. She’s wearing a new dress and has combed her hair. The most appropriate remark would be:

You're wearing a new dress


Mary started a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) last week. She tells the nurse that she has some pills that she previously took for depression and that they are called MAOIs. She tells the nurse she thinks she should start taking them right now instead of her current medication, which isn’t seeming to help her. The most important information the nurse should convey is:

The risk of a serious reaction if she begins the MAOIs on her own


The nurse explains to Mary when she should expect the therapeutic effectiveness of SSRIs. When should the client begin to feel less depressed?

1 - 3 wks


What is the major action of SSRI antidepressants?

Increase availability of serotonin


MAOIs are rarely used because?

It causes life threatening increase in blood pressure in combination with certain foods and drugs.


Mary tells the nurse, “The bad things that happen are always my fault.” How should the nurse respond to assist the patient to reframe this overgeneralization?

“Let’s look at one bad thing that happened to see if another explanation exists.


Question 11
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A depressed patient is to have his first electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)session tomorrow morning. Which intervention would routinely be implemented in preparing the patient for treatment?

Advising the patient that memory loss is usually transient.


What role do thyroid levels play in depression?

Hypothyroidism can lead to feeling sluggish and depressed.


When Ms. Mary awakens in the morning, she sits for periods of time at the edge of her bed. She does not initiate combing her hair, getting dressed, or going to breakfast. Which nursing intervention is important?

Help the client with daily activities.