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to be racked with (guilt / pain)

to feel very guilty about sth / be in great pain
e.g. I was racked with guilt over what I had said to him.
He was racked with pain from his toothache.


to reconcile oneself to sth

to accept an unpleasant situation
e.g. She never managed to reconcile herself to her father's death.


a reduction in

a decrease in
Opp: an increase in
e.g. Over the past ten years there has been (a dramatic / a gradual / only a slight / a significant / a steady / an unprecedented) reduction in the number of robberies in the United Kingdom.


a (sad) reflection on

if sth is a (sad) reflection on a person or thing, it gives a bad impression of them / it
e.g. It is a (sad) reflection on the society we live in that a film that glorifies war has been nominated for eleven Oscars.


to refrain from

to deliberately not do sth
e.g. Please refrain from leaving your seats during the performance.


to be related to sb

to be members of the same family
e.g. We look alike, but we are not related to each other.


a report on

a report describing
e.g. The ecology agency have produced a report on the devastating effect insecticides are having on the environment.


to have a reputation for

to be well known for
e.g. Mr Simpson has a reputation for being a fair-minded teacher.


restrictions on

limits on
e.g. There are no restrictions on the amount of perfume that you can bring into this country.


to revel in sth

to enjoy sth, especially sth that other people would not expect you to enjoy
e.g. He revelled in the notoriety that the scandal gave him.


to be rude to sb

to be impolite to sb
e.g. He was sent to the headmaster for being rude to his teacher.


to be scathing about sth / sb

to be very critical of sb / sth
e.g. Lord Boxley, the author of the report, is scathing about the way the police handled the case.


a solution to

an answer to
e.g. We need to find a solution to this problem as soon as posible.


to specialise in

to give particular attention to
e.g. I sell all kinds of books, but I specialise in crime fiction from the 1940s and 1950s.


a stance on

a government's / organisation's official opinion / attitude towards sth
e.g. The government has adopted a tough / uncompromising stance on fox-hunting and is currently pushing legislation through parliament to make it illegal.


a stickler for sth

if sb is a stickler for sth (e.g. cleanliness) they always demand or require it [Note: stickler for rules / accuracy / punctuality, etc]
e.g. Don't be late. Mr Thompson is a stickler for punctuality.


to stoop to sth

to lower or completely ignore one's moral standards in order to get what one wants
e.g. I might be desperate to pass the exam, but you don't honestly think I would stoop to cheating, do you?


to stray from a path

to leave a path
e.g. There's only one path through the forest. Don't stray from it or you will get totally lost.


to be strewn with sth

to be covered in sth
e.g. His bedroom floor was strewn with odd socks, dirty shirts and crumpled pieces of paper.


a struggle for

a long and difficult attempt to achieve sth
1) to struggle to do sth: to find it very difficult to do sth
2) to struggle with sb: to fight sb who is attacking you
e.g. The small country's struggle for independence was really admirable.
We are only a small company and in the present economic climate we are really struggling to survive.
He's not really struggling with an attacker. It's a martial arts contest.


to substitute for sb / sth

to take the place of sb / use sth instead of sth else
e.g. If you suffer from insomnia try substituting camomile tea for coffee.


to succumb to pressure / temptation

to find it impossible not to do what sb is trying very hard to persuade you to do / the temptation is so strong that you finally do what you have been trying not to do
e.g. The government is unlikely to succumb to public pressure to abolish the voting tax.
She knew that if she succumbed to the temptation to buy the dress, she'd be broke for the rest of the month.


to survive on (an amount of money)

to have enough money to pay one's bills and buy the things one needs to survive
e.g. I don't know how she can survive on such a low salary.


to be susceptible to sth / sb

to be very likely to be affected / influenced by sth / sb
e.g. Don't be too harsh on him; he's very susceptible to criticism.