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to arouse suspicion

to make sb suspicious
e.g. What first aroused my suspicion was that every time he came into the shop he was too friendly.


to beat about the bush

to avoid or delay talking about sth embarrassing or unpleasant
e.g. Oh, come on, stop beating about the bush and tell me what you think.


to broach the subject

to start talking about sth which the person you are talking to might find embarrassing, offensive or annoying
e.g. He decided to broach the subject of promotion.


to damage sb's reputation

to have a bad effect on sb's (good) reputation
e.g. A scandal like this is bound to damage his reputation.


to dash sb's hopes

to do or say sth that makes sb feel that they cannot achieve what they were hoping to
e.g. Their rejection of his manuscript dashed his hopes of becoming a best-selling novelist.


to declare war on

to officially announce that a war will begin
e.g. Negotiations having failed, they declared war on the neighbouring country.


to derive pleasure from / out of sth

to get pleasure from sth [Note: to derive (some / any kind of) benefit from sth: (formal) to get some kind of benefit from sth]
e.g. Martin derives a lot of pleasure out of his stamp collection.
The only people who will derive any benefit from this new law are the rich.


to devote one's time / life to sth

to spend most of one's time / life doing sth
e.g. She devoted her life to looking after the sick and needy.


to dissolve into tears

to start crying
e.g. She looked into his expressionless eyes and dissolved into tears.


to draw the line at sth

to refuse to do sth or to disapprove of sth because it crosses a limit that one thinks should not be crossed
e.g. Most people would draw the line at such unethical behaviour.


to draw up a chair

to bring a chair to a table so as to join people already sitting at the table
e.g. "Draw up a chair," he said. "We were talking about tomorrow's game."


to drop a hint

to say sth indirectly
e.g. I was too embarrassed to say I liked her. Anyway, I've dropped enough hints.


to earn a living

to work and make money in order to live
e.g. Before becoming famous, Granger earned a living as a waiter in a burger bar.


to express an interest in sth

to say or show that you are interested in sth [Note: to express your concern / your doubts about sth: (formal) to say that you are concerned / have doubts about]
e.g. He suddenly expressed an interest in going on the trip with us.
They expressed their concern about whether planning permission would be granted.


to fight back the tears

to try and stop yourself from crying
e.g. Determined to be strong, she fought back the tears.


to find fault with sb / sth

to criticise sb / sth
e.g. What is it with you, Sarah? Why is it that you have to find fault with everything I say and do?


to follow in sb's footsteps

to do the same job as sb (e.g. a parent / grandparent, an elder brother or sister)
e.g. My father was a doctor, as was my grandfather before him. Both my brother and I were expected to follow in their footsteps.