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(Def) Radical Depravity

Since the Fall, humans are enslaved to sin and by nature bent toward evil in every part.


Implication 1

Human beings are not "basically good."

That's Pelagianism.


Implication 2

Not sinners because we sin, we sin because we're sinners.


Implication 3

Fallen, unregenerate people are by nature inclined toward sin, unbelief, and denial.


Implication 4

Fallen, unregenerate people will never freely choose to embrace Jesus Christ as Savior.


Implication 5

No fallen person can be saved without initial divine grace.

ie. grace is necessary.


Implication 6

Divine grace precedes the human response to the gospel.

Not merely external (objective work of Christ), but must bring substantial internal changes.


Implication 7

Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism are false.

Both declared heretical by councils.


What is the human response to the gospel?

Faith and repentance.


Misunderstanding 1

"Fallen, unregen people have no good in them and never do good things."

Would be true if God not restrain sin through common grace.


Misunderstanding 2

"Fallen, unregen people have no knowledge or understanding of God."

Rom. 1 - People have sufficient knowledge from general revelation to know that God exists and deserves worship, but not have any true knowledge of God.


Misunderstanding 3

"Fallen, unregen people have no spiritual interest in God or Jesus"

No genuine interest.


Theological Basis

1. Sola Gratia (saved by grace alone).

2. Must be unable to contribute to our salvation by our own efforts.

3. Must be radically depraved.


Objection 1

"Gandhi was good even though he wasn't a Christian."

God is concerned about the root, the motive of our heart from which flow our words, actions, and thoughts


Objection 2

"If unbelievers not able to respond to the gospel, no point preaching it."

- Preaching is necessary, but not sufficient

- Special grace is necessary


Objection 3

"If not able to do good, God cannot hold us responsible for our sins."

- Pelagian objection, rejected by the Bible

- Compatibilist freedom, we will not to obey


Objection 4

"Jesus had a more positive view of humanity than Paul."

-Jesus teaches Radical Depravity

Jn 6, Jn 8, Mt 7:9-11, 15:18-20


RD and Christian Life 1

Explains why the world is such a mess and people commit moral atrocities.


RD and Christian Life 2

Exalts God's free grace and mercy - b/c we are unable to do anything


RD and Christian Life 3

Reminds us what we would be if not for grace and mercy in our lives


RD and Christian Life 4

Keeps us humble and reliant on God's continued grace and mercy


RD and Christian Life 5

Guards against self-righteousness and boastful comparisons with others


RD and Christian Life 6

Reminds us that education and technology are not the solution to the world's problems


RD and Christian Life 7

Keeps us from being discouraged when our preaching and evangelism aren't "successful"


RD and Christian Life 8

Keeps us from being discouraged when our parenting doesn't produce "good" kids


RD and Christian Life 9

Pastoral work must take into account the seriousness of our fallen state


RD and Christian Life 10

Encourages us that the new creation must be no less good than this world is bad