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God's decision to save someone does not ultimately depend on anything in that person


Implication 1

God's election not based on foreseen faith, repentance, perseverance, or good works.

That would be grounds for boasting


Implication 2

We choose God b/c God first chose us.

I selected b/c I was elected


Implication 3

Even faith and repentance are free gifts of God.

Regeneration precedes conversion, cannot take credit for any part.


Implication 4

God also ultimately determines that some sinners will not be saved.

Divine reprobation and election


Misunderstanding 1

"God chooses capriciously or arbitrarily who gets saved and who doesn't"

- 'According to his wisdom.'

Not imply there's no reason, just that it's not in us


Misunderstanding 2

"Salvation not conditional on anything, including faith, repentance, or good works."

- We don't deny these conditions, just that it depends on God alone


Misunderstanding 3

"God forces people to be saved (or damned) regardless of what they actually want."

- God saves us through our will, not against our will


Theological Basis

1. Sola Gratia

2. There can be no ground for boasting on our salvation (1 Cor 1:28-31)

3. Even our faith and repentance must be free gifts of God

4. Whether we are saved or not must depend ultimately on God


Objection 1

"God does not show partiality (Rom 2:11), he is no respecter of persons."

- God does not treat everyone equally (Acts 17)

- Context of all ethnic groups

- Arms have same problem, why have not all heard?


Objection 2

"God respects free will, not a divine rapist"

- Works through our will


Objection 3

"If God ultimately decides, evangelism is a waste of time."

- Foreordains the means and the ends

- Without God's sovereignty, evangelism would be worthless

- Church history


Objection 4

"Unjust to condemn to hell before ever born."

- Arms face, God creates them knowing they will reject

- Decree of election treats people as fallen, not neutral


Objection 5

"Jn. 3:16 - God loves the world and wants all to be saved."

- Cosmos in John refers to "fallen creation," particularly humanity.

- Arms have same prob, why not all offered the gospel?


Objection 6

"Jn. 3:16 - Anyone who wants eternal life can have it."

- Yup.


Objection 7

"1 Tim 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9 - God wants everyone to be saved."

- Passages not referring to election

- "All" = w/o distinction, not w/o exception

- "You" = Christians

- Preceptive, not decretive will


Objection 8

"If election depends on God's secret will, no basis for assurance of salvation."

- Arm's same prob, determine by evidence

- Not secret once comes to pass

- Elect are those who come to a saving faith in Christ

- Series of tests for genuine faith: love for God, others, beliefs, conforming to Christ


UE and Christian Life 1

Exalts sovereignty of God in all things


UE and Christian Life 2

Reassures us that God's redemptive purposes never fail


UE and Christian Life 3

Reinforces the gospel truth that we are saved by grace from start to finish


UE and Christian Life 4

Reassures us that our salvation ultimately depends on God's love for us, not our love for God


UE and Christian Life 5

Encourages us to give thanks for God for everything - even our very faith in Christ


UE and Christian Life 6

Keeps us humble


UE and Christian Life 7

Gives us encouragement that our evangelism will bear fruit (Acts 18:9-10)


UE and Christian Life 8

Provides a firm foundation for doctrines of assurance and perseverance


UE and Christian Life 9

Invites reverent awe and worship as we acknowledge the inscrutability of God's decrees.