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My name is Brendan, I became a certified personal trainer under the American Council on Exercise in May of 2018.

I made these flashcards because I thought it would be a more effective way to study for the exam than doing the Ace pretests over again. Using these flash cards I was able to pass the exam for the ACE exam. Included is their full pretest with some extra notes added to help with comprehensions such as the Latin route of the words ( which will help you identify the various areas of the body things belong to) and more.

Having said this, the actual exam is not limited to the pretest’s scope in the slightest. You will need to look at your book much more if you want to feel confident during the test.

The good news is, the amount of points required to pass the exam is pretty low, out of the 800 possible points, you need only 500 points. That means you only need to get 62.5% of the multiple choice questions correct which is pretty great odds. Some of the questions are not counted against you, but more on that here

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Good Luck!

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