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What is recruitment?

The process involved in finding new recruits for a place of work.


Where are places to find work?

- job centre
- notice boards
- internal
- websites
- articles
- word of mouth


What are some of the things people being recruited are tested for?

- tests to measure skills
- measuring people against certain personalities
- grammar and handwriting tests
- take unofficial references not from workers or friends


What is commission?

Getting paid by how much of something you sell


What are 4 reasons why a business needs to recruit new staff?

- business expansion - increasing sales of products, developing new products, entering a new market
- existing employees leave
- business needs employees with new skills
- business is relocating - not all of the existing workforce want to move


What are advantages of external recruitment?

- agencies will go through the recruitment process for the business
- more likely to get someone with specific skills and experience
- brings new ideas
- larger pool of workers to chose from


What are the disadvantages of external recruitment?

- more expensive - agencies charge high fees
- it is riskier
- the process is longer/slower
- may not be effective enough to reveal the best candidate


What are the advantages of internal recruitment?

- less risk to the business
- trusted person
- knows their skills
- faster decision
- already know the culture of the business
- promotional
- motivation
- cheaper


What are the disadvantages of internal recruitment?

- needs new skills
- jealously - lack of motivation
- already knows the persons strengths and weaknesses
- no new blood
- limits numbers of potential applicants
- creates another vacancy which needs to be filled


What is internal recruitment?

When a business fills a vacancy that may be available with someone who is already an employee.


What is external recruitment?

When a business recruits someone to fill a vacancy from those outside of the organisation.


What are the 3 general stages of recruitment?

stage 1 - define requirements
stage 2 - attract potential applicants
stage 3 - pick the best applicant


What are the 9 stages of recruitment?

1 - vacancy identified
2 - job description
3 - person specification
4 - advertise vacancy
5 - long list
6 - short list
7 - interview
8 - appoint successful candidates
9 - induction training


What is a job description?

A description of the job that is being recruited for.


What is a job specification?

A description of the sort of person who would be the ideal candidate for the job.


What 7 things are included in a job description?

- job title
- purpose of the job
- position within organisation
- specific duties to be carried out
- any other responsibilities
- where the job will be based
- conditions of work and hours


What 7 things are included in a job specification?

- title of the job
- department they're going to work in
- description of job
- qualifications that are required for the job
- experience required
- skills
- personal attributes or qualities