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define regeneration

an economic process involving different players


give 3 social factors that indicate there is a need for regeneration in an area

any from:
-poor schooling
-high crime rates
-ageing population
-low quality housing
-bad services
-increasing population


give 3 economic factors that indicate there is a need for regeneration in an area

any from:
-house prices
-needed employment
-average income
-low job opportunities
-struggling local businesses
-types of jobs


give 3 environmental factors that indicate there is a need for regeneration in an area

any from:
-low quality environment
-brownfield sites


give one custom housing social factor that indicates there is a need for regeneration

-area needed improved housing
-2001, 71.6% pf housing stock was rented


give one custom housing economic factor that indicates there is a need for regeneration

-only 37.6% of adults were in full time work
-needed employment


give one custom housing environmental factor that indicates there is a need for regeneration

-environmental decay due to industries closing
-closure of the docks in 1980s


define rebranding

creating a new look or reputation for an area


define re-imaging

changing the image or name of a place changing how people view it


what is the north/south divide

a divide between the north and south of the UK where the south is much more powerful


what is the difference is money spent on infrastructure between the north/south divide?

south - only £5 per person
north - £2595 per person


what has happened to the north in the north/south divide to make it so isolated?

loss of traditional industries such as coal and steel


why is the south in the north/south divide dominated by London?

- is an important city
- it is the financial core


what is the northern power house?

improvement to transport links, invest in science and the distribution of powers int he city deals


name one city which is involved in the northern powerhouse?

manchester, liverpool, leeds, sheffield, hull ,newcastle


what is one improvement they are doing to the northern power house?

introducing a new entrance to leeds station to allow commuters travelling south to reduce their journey times from the station


what attracted more people to the northern power house?

regeneration of theatres


what project of regeneration got changed half way through the process?

CATCH project


what was the CATCH projects original housing plan?

-10,000 new affordable homes by 2020
-poorly built houses were to be regenerated


what was the CATCH projects original employment plan?

-create jobs and train local people
-new local shops and supermarkets
-public transport was improved


what was the CATCH projects original education plan?

-replacement buildings for local primary and secondary schools built
-achieved better grades


what was the CATCH projects original health plan?

-new healthcare centre, library, community centre and children's play area
-streets made safer = redesigning area


what actually happened to the CATCH project in the end?

-2010 government funding was cut
-focus on private sector investment
-property development is driving regeneration


what are enterprise zones?

focus on small areas which can be branded to attract particular companies and organisations


what is HS2?

a high speed railway link between London and the West Midlands


name 2 big players involved in HS2...

-leader of Manchester city council
-local groups in towns
-countryside communities
-public accounts committee


what are 2 attitudes towards HS2?

leader of Manchester city council = cost effective, self financing

public accounts committee = overly ambitious

ministers of northern cities = can help the economic growth

local groups in towns = northern cities will lose out

campaigners = only politically wanted

countryside community = environmental cost is unjustified


what are some future uncertainties?

- people wont be able to afford it
- should spend money on existing infrastructure
- doubts on the deadlines
- too expensive, will effect the government budget deficit


what are some social benefits of HS2?

-create jobs
-improved journey times between major cities
-free up capacity on overcrowded commuter routes
-northern cities are better connected
-encourage more people to travel by train


what are some social costs of HS2?

-tickets will be expensive
-no intermediate stations to communities along - will not gain from it
-wales will see a lose in jobs
-historic buildings at risk if damage
-many homes demolished


what are some economic benefits of HS2?

-boost the economy in northern cities
-generate £27 billion in fares
-economy won't suffer much as government can afford the £17 bn


what are some economic costs of HS2?

-very expensive
-rarely make profit
-might only benefit london
-spending on a train is not the highest priority


what are some environmental benefits of HS2?

-reduce the number of lorries on the roads
-enhance wildlife habitats with a new 'green corridor' along the route
-planting trees
-lowering carbon footprint- lower pollution


what are some environmental costs of HS2?

-nature reserves and wildlife decrease = decrease biodiversity
-cut through the countryside = impacts the natural and the ecosystems they support
-damage to 12 sites of special scientific interest


what is the case study about regenerating an area?



what regeneration happened in cornwall?

a community shop was opened


who funded cornwalls community shop??

- nearly all the local households
- princes countryside fund
- local council


what is the wider significance of the regeneration of the community shop in cornwall?

- encourages community engagement
- created a range of activities e.g. a carnival every September
- politicians organise a monthy local produce market


what are the 5 main regeneration strategies used to regenerate an area?

retail / tourism / sports / rural diversification / culture


what are local government policies to regenerate an areas

1. they develop local plans which designate specific areas for development
2. role of interest groups


give an example of a local government regeneration plan designed specifically for an area..

Cambridge science park


what is the aim of the Cambridge science park?

represent areas as being attractive for inward investment, the private and public areas provide attractive investment


what are socio-economic groups?

addiction treatment centres, youth and retirement groups, trade unions and chambers or commerce


what are environmental groups?

local conservative or preservation societies


give three example of regeneration strategies...

- use of infrastructure to drive economic growth
- sustainable communities with and environmental focus
- new settlements
- improved buildings
- themed events
- marketing heritage
- retail led regeneration
- use of sport, art and culture
- use of technology


define rebranding and reimaging

attempts to represent areas as being more attractive for potential investors and visitors by changing the publics perception of them