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Types of Family

-Nuclear families
-Extended family
-Reconstituted family (step family)
-Single parent family


Commandment 5 Family quotes.

"respect your parents"
"train a child the way he should be"


Benefits of being in a family group

- sense of security
-Brothers and sisters provide friendships
-celebrations can provide happiness and build self worth
-Family life provides framework for bringing up children and training them how to make moral decisions, show acceptable manners and relate socially.
-family can help practically, financially or emotionally in attitude of trust.


Children and parent Responsibilities

-Should care elderly
-should obey parents
-should respect parents
-can give children moral guidelines
-gives child discipline
-provides child with caring background


Christian belief on parents responsibilities quote

Parents should teach their children faith and "bring them up with christian discipline" esphesians


Role and purpose of sex Muslim

Sex outside marriage is regarded as unholy in eyes of Muhammed
The Qur'an has very strict rules on the matter


Role and purpose of sex Christian +quotes

Sex is for procreation "go forth and multiply"
It is for "bodily union" in marriage
Place for sex is within marriage
"every sexual act should be framework of marriage"


Contraception: Catholics, protestants, Muslims

Catholics: No unnatural forms of contraception - Rhythm method okay.
Children are a gift from God.
Protestants: Better to have 'family planning' than unwanted children.
Better than abortion.
Accept the use of contraception as long as both parties agree.


Adultery definition:

Unfaithful to named partner.


Cohabitation definition:

living together.


Chastity definition:

Not having sex before marriage.


Celibacy definition:

Not having sex.


Why do people get married in Church?

-In presence of God
-In "gods house"
-Infant of the Church family of believers
-Marriage is a sacrament.


Sacrament definition.

A holy act. Two way grace Promise made before God to receive God's blessing.


Marriage Vs Cohabitation.

-A sacrament
-What God intended "a man shall leave his father and unite with a wife.
-"every sexual act should be within marriage"
-Best place for children and family - purpose of marriage.
-More secular, non- religious society.
-Not prepared to make sacrament.
-Exercising free will
-More socially acceptable than it was previously.


Church of England Marriage Ceremony

1. Priest welcomes congregation and outlines marriage.
-Love and comfort - Bodily Union.- Children.
2. Legal "Does anyone know a reason can't marry?"
3. Vows : "for better, for worse" "richer /poorer" "sickness/health" "Love + cherish" "till death do us part"
4. Blessing of rings on the bible/ exchange rings
5. Binding of hands - couple bond forever.
6. "What God had joined, let no man divide"
7. Registration - legal part.


Muslim Marriages Service

1. The Wali (women's guardian offers bride to groom)
2. Payment of Mahr (dowry/ marriage gift)
3. Marriage contract signed.
4. A sermon is given to bless the marriage vows can be given but not required "honest, obedient, faithful"
5. Prayers finish the service for muslims locally and worldwide.


Past Muslim marriages

-Prophet Muhammed (pubs was married)
-Marriage increases value of prayers.
-Sexual desire is gift form God - procreation.
- Married is not mystical sacrament as it is for christians.
-It is a social contract between individual
-Muslims think of wives as potential mothers.
- "whoever has married has married has completely half of his faith."


Reconciliation/ Love Quotes

'Love is patient'
'Love is kind'
'Love does not envy'
'love never comes to an end'


Arguments against Divorce

-Vow "death do us part"
-marriage is a sacrament, broken promise made before God
-"what God has made let no man divide"
-binding of the hands - Binding nature of marriage.
-Catholics don't permit divorce.


Arguments for divorce

-"Love is kind"
-"love beats no score of wrongs"
-Orthodox Church permits limit of 3 divorces.
-Jesus permitted divorce for adultery.


Divorce in Islam

-Can obtain divorce from Shariah court.
-3months is given to attempt reconciliation
-Imam and community would give advice.
-Reluctantly accept divorce.
-"if you fear dissension between the two, send an arbiter from his people and her people, if both desire reconciliation God will cause it between them. God is eve knowing and aware."


Same sex relationships FOR/AGAINST

"all people are made in image of God"
"love is kind"
"The law allows same sex marriage and government was put there by God"
God made Adam and Eve
Marriage is for procreation
God destroyed Sodam and Gommorrah because of homosexuality there.
"you shall not lie with a man the same way you lie with a woman."