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Tawhid definition

'Oneness' in reference to God. the basic Muslim belief in the oneness of God.


Prophethood or 'risalah' definition

The term used of the messengers of God, beginning with Adam and ending with the Prophet Muhammed.


Halal (permitted) definition

Actions or things which are permitted within Islam, such as eating permitted foods.


Haram (forbidden)

Any actions or things which are forbidden within Islam, such as eating forbidden foods.


Jihad (greater and lesser)

Means 'to strive'. There are two forms of jihad.
The greater jihad is the daily struggle and inner spiritual striving to live as a Muslim.
The lesser jihad is a physical struggle or 'holy war' in defence of Islam.


Mosque or 'masjid'

A 'place of procrastination' for Muslims, it is a communal place of worship for a Muslim community.


Shari'ah (straight path)

A way of life; Muslims believe God has set out a clear path for how Muslims should live. Shari'ah law is the set of moral and religious rules that put the principles set out by the Qur'an and the Hadith into practice.


Ummah definition

Means community. Refers to the worldwide community of Muslims who share a common religious identity.


Three points on the Qur'an (quotes included)

"Guidance for the worlds" - guide to life.
Received by Muhammed over 23 years.


Three points on Hadith:

Muhammad's sayings and records from life - Muslims example.


Sunni (90%) facts

1. They believe only the Qur'an and the sunnah had authority.
2. An elected leader called a 'Caliph' would enforce the law.
3. Laws are worked out and accepted or rejected by the whole community.
4. Prayers x5


Shia (10%) facts

1. Believe Muhammed named Ali (his cousin) as his successor.
2. Ali believed the true leader had to be chosen by God and could make new laws.
3. This leader was called an Imam and had to be descendant of Muhammed.
4. Prayers x3


Festivals Restraint quote

"he is not a Muslim if he goes to bed with a full stomach and the neighbour goes hungry."


Id-Ul-Adha. What is it? How is it celebrated?

End of the Hajj
Sacrifice/ head shaved
New clothes
Food prepared
Day off festivals


Id-Ul-Fitr. When is it? How is it celebrated?

Starts after Ramadan
'Id Mubarak' cards
Afghanistan egg fights
Pay Zakat


Ashura what does it celebrate how?

Day of sorrow and inspiration, remembers Moses fasting. Shia Islam celebrate the sunni + Shia split and the death of Husayn.
Dress in black
Beat themselves
Cut heads and bodies
Donate blood.


Greater Jihad

five pillars devotion
follow Muhammed
Rise above greed and selfishness.
Encourage what is right.
"If anyone slew a person... It is as if he slew the whole human race" 5:32


Lesser Jihad

Declared by Muslim Leaders
"Fight in the way of God"
9/11 Daesh
Condemned by muslim council of Great Britain


Zakat Charity: who gets it? How much? Quotes

2.5% of earning
Widows, Orphans, poor.
Muhammed gave Zakat
Wealth is Gods.
Money corrupts
Muslim Aid
Humans are Khalifas/ Stewards.
"The one who looks after the widow and poor person is fighting God's cause" Hadith


Ramadan Fasting

9th months of the calendar
29/30 days
Dawn till dusk
Fast broken at mosque
Suhur - meal before dawn.
Commanded by the prophet
No swearing
Mercy for the poor
Self control
unites muslims


Shahadah the declaration of faith

"God witnesses that there is no God except God and Muhammed is the prophet of God" 3:18
"There is no God but God"
Heard by new born baby
Heard on death bed
Monotheism one god
Muslims say this to convert


Three famous people who converted to islam.

Mike Tyson
Muhammed Ali
Janet Jackson


What is the Hajj and who takes part?

Pilgrimmage to Makkah only if the pilgrim has enough money and healthy enough.


Why does Hajj happen at Makkah?

Abraham sacrificed son Ismail.
Abraham overcame temptations from devil.
Mina - stoning of pillars.
Hajar searched for water discovered Zam Zam well.
Muhammed was born.


Which part of Hajj represents Ihram?

State of purity shows through white cloth (equality)
x7 Circle Ka'ba
Walk between Safa and Mawah x7 - represents Hajar's search for water (Zam Zam well)
Wukuf - plain of Arafat - forgiveness of sins
Collect pebbles at Muzdalifah.
Stone devil at Mina. Camping.
Shave heads and sacrifice
Circle Ka'ba x7 anti clockwise.


Salah - prayers

5 times a day (sunni)
Quibla: direction of prayer
"if one forgets his prayers let him offer them when he remembers" Hadith
Jumu'ah - mosque
Neat - pure intention
Du'a - personal prayers
Submission, Unity, Sin, peace, Removes sin
Wudu: Washing hands, arms, nose, face.
Why 5 times? The night journey 50 times to 5.


Quotes for Allah beliefs

'There is no God but Allah'
Quran 'have they not seen that Allah who has created the heavens and the earth and was not wearied by creation'


Quotes for Prophets beliefs

We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us, and what has been revealed through Ishmael, Isaac and his children and what has been given to Moses and Jesus. Make no difference between them.


Angels quotes

"Gabriel is the one who brought down the Quran"
"If someone is an enemy of Allah or his angels and his messengers, and to Gabriel, then Allah is enemy to the disbelievers."


The five pillars

Shahadah 'there is no god but allah'
Ramadan 'those who believe should fast as those who believed before you fasted'
Salah 'Praise allah and be one of those who bows before him'
The five pillars 'Recite what has been revealed to thee of the book, and perform the prayer; prayer forbids indecency and dishonour. Gods remembrance is greater; and God knows the things you work'


Jihad quotes

"And fight the way of god with those; who fight with you, but aggress not: God loves not the aggressors"
"permission is given to those who fight because they have been wronged - Allah will give them victory"