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What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination?

PREJUDICE is making judgements about someone before you know them, usually in a negative and stereotypical way.
DISCRIMINATION is acting upon these views and opinions e.g. by not hiring someone for a job or using violence against them.


What is tolerance?

Tolerance is accepting all people and valuing their contribution to life and society. People should be allowed to keep their own beliefs, practices and ways of life as long as they do not harm others or break the law.


What is justice?

Justice is bringing about what is right, fair, according to the law or making up for what has been done wrong e.g. Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations Act 1976, Disability Discrimination Act 2005.


What is harmony?

Harmony is living in peace with others. It requires people to act justly and have tolerance and understanding of others, even when they are different.


What is value of the individual?

Belief that each individual is created by God and has a special value - based on teachings about the SANCTITY OF LIFE.


What is human rights?

Basic rights and freedoms that everyone is entitled to. UN Declaration formed after WW2 stated 29 rights all people should have e.g. right to life, clean water, education.


How does discrimination go against Christian belief in God's design?

All humans are ‘made in God’s image’ (Bible) and deserve respect. As Christians believe that God created men and women in his own image, they should respect all ethnicities and genders.


Why does Jesus' teaching 'Love thy neighbour' mean Christians should be against prejudice and discrimination?

Christians believe that “Love thy neighbour” (Bible) means to help and love everyone around you. For many, but not all, Christians this includes those of other ethnicities (races), genders, sexuality, religion and ability.


What does the Parable of the Good Samaritan teach Christians?

The Parable of the Good Samaritan shows that people should not be judged or stereotyped but valued as individuals. In Jesus’ time, Samaritans were treated badly, but it is the Samaritan who helps the injured stranger.


How does Jesus' attitudes and actions towards others show tolerance of others?

Jesus socialised with the outcasts of society and welcomed tax collectors and sinners into heaven. He washed the feet of others that were discriminated against


How did Christians not follow these teachings in USA in 1960's?

In the southern states of the USA there used to be the Jim Crow Laws, or segregation, which separated black and white people. Many Christians defended these laws.


How have Christians used the Genesis creation story to justify unequal treatment of women?

In the Bible it says that women are the “weaker partner” and in Genesis, Eve is called a “helpmate” for man. Therefore, women are often seen as inferior to men. Also, Adam was made first in the second book of Genesis. Eve was made from his rib.


What did Jesus' 12 main followers suggest about the roles of men and women?

As all 12 disciples were men, it suggests that only men should have leadership roles in the Church.


What did St Paul say about the role of women in church?

St. Paul said women should not teach in church. It was also suggested that they should cover their heads.


How can Jesus' resurrection be used to support a more positive attitude to women?

The Bible places an importance on Mary Magdalene who Jesus appeared to first after His resurrection.


How can Genesis also be used to support women's equality?

In Genesis male and female were both made in God’s image.


Why has the traditional Christian household seen different roles for men and women?

In traditional Christian households women have often stayed at home and looked after their children. It is the man who makes decisions and is the main earner. St Paul said in the Bible, “at the head of every man is Christ, at the head of every woman is man”, which has often reinforced these stereotypes.


Why is the Roman Catholic Church accused of sexism?

In the Catholic Church the Pope is a man and women cannot become priests. It is suggested that St. Paul’s comments on women not teaching in church reinforce this.


Where can more positive attitudes among Christians be found?

In the Church of England and most protestant churches women can be vicars or ministers.
Many Christians value women. They will say that we are all equal and there are examples of successful women in the Bible


What do many Christians see homosexuality as a sin?

They may argue that homosexuality is unnatural and not part of God’s plan. They could point to the idea that sexual intercourse is only for procreation (making children). In Leviticus "You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination.” Also in the Bible, the story of the city of Sodom is often seen as demonstrating God’s disapproval of homosexuality.


What is the Christian churches attitudes to gay marriage?

The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England do not allow gay-marriage despite changes in the law.


Why may other Christians show respect and tolerance towards homosexuals?

Christians may use the quotes ‘love they neighbour as yourself’ and the Golden Rule as reasons to respect homosexuals. After all, prejudice is not agape. Also, God gave humanity freewill, so some may say people can be gay if they choose to.


3 Bible teachings on Forgiveness and Reconciliation

1. Jesus asked God to forgive those that crucified Him whilst on the cross.
2. Parable of Unforgiving Servant - Jesus is asked how many times he should forgive his brother, he replied 77x7 and went on to explain that for God to forgive you, you must forgive others.
3. 'Love your enemies' suggests that you should care about and reconcile with those who have had problems and conflicts which encourages forgiveness.


How are the Buddhist 5 Precepts relevant to prejudice and discrimination?

The first is not to harm any living thing. Prejudice and discrimination could lead to harm, such as during the Holocaust.


How would the Buddhist belief in 'metta' encourage tolerance and harmony?

Metta means showing loving-kindness to all sentient beings, including all types of people.


What did the Buddha teach that is against prejudice and discrimination?

The Buddha taught everyone has equal potential for reaching enlightenment and that he rejected the CASTE system which separated people by birth and gave them unequal rights and opportunities.


What does Buddhism teach about men and women reaching Enlightenment?

In Buddhism, both men and women can be enlightened. There is no reason why men are mentally superior to women.


What evidence of sexism is there in the Buddhist monasteries?

Although there are Buddhist bukkhunis (nuns), many Buddhist countries do not allow women to be fully ordained. Thailand is an example. Theravada Buddhism, nuns have more rules to follow than monks.


Does Buddhism call homosexuality a sin?

Unlike other faiths, Buddhism does NOT call homosexuality a sin. Although some Buddhist groups see heterosexual marriage for people as the norm, most Buddhists make no distinction between homosexual and heterosexual partnerships. However, the third precept of avoiding sexual misconduct applies to both.


What evidence of prejudice and discrimination is there in Buddhist monasteries?

Tibetan Buddhism has barred ordination to pandakas (passive homosexuals).