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As Head of the Spanish Church, what did the Archbishop of Toledo have?

(it was a religious but also military office)
Had a 1000 men army and could call on 19,000 if needed


The Church in Castile was quite corrupt, give 2 vows that were ignored

- vow of chastity
- vow of poverty


Why might second sons choose to enter the Church?

The first son would inherit the title and land from their noble father, and the second son would gain wealth in the Church


Who are part of the secular clergy?

Archbishops, bishops, and priests


Who are part of the regular clergy?

Monks and nuns


How was the Church at the centre of the community?

It dictated peoples' way of life, they received holidays on Saints' days


What kind of important services did the Church provide to people throughout their life?

Baptism etc


How else did the Church assist people?

Assisted people to find salvation from purgatory


Give two examples of how the Church was corrupt

- exhibited fake relics to buy
- encouraged the giving of 'indulgences' - payments to forgive sins


Why would Muslims and Jews convert to Christianity?

To feel integrated into Castilian society